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    Windows Xp and Windows Vista

    Both Windows Xp and Windows Vista are simple, easy to use and user friendly operating systems. It depends on the user if he or she is actually habituated with the windows platform from microsoft. The basic structure and interface of almost all the windows operating system is similar. The difference is in the looks, and features. Vista is little more flashy and feature rich in terms of Windows XP. But is very hardware demanding. Also a number of functions and settings in vista has been made more user friendly. It all depends on your use. And the more you explore in either of the operating systems the more you get comfortable with it and so more easier will it be for you to use.

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    Hello Samiksha

    First of all, myself being an Editor of IRC, on behalf of all administration and editorial team, welcome to India Review Channel website.

    I see that you have posted 41 resources and they are in reviewing by the Resources editor.

    It will take some time in their approval. But if any copying be found they can be subject to rejection.

    It is very correct what you have said. Vista and XP are both similar in functionality except that Vista has more flashy looks and the constantly bugging Confirmations.

    And what you have written is also true, that more you explore either system, the more comfortable you get with it.


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    Dear Friends,
    The important thing in windows vista is Windows defender and firewall. its very defecult to any virus or malware to hang the system. my own experiance with vista basic home edition, when torjan attack. automaticaly vista save important file. i am able to acess windows vista and copy my important file. nice option that i like i just insert a recovery disc and everything is normal. only the speed of vista is low.
    Now windows 7 new edition of window is great and you will realy experiance the speed of OS.
    with regards

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