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    Whether shopping malls are Blessings or a Curse.

    Today, you might have seen at every city, shopping malls are getting started constructed which I feel is very bad for hawkers which affect their livelihood. Hence, it is a curse.

    It is a blessing because we can got all type of food products, clothes, soaps etc under one roof at a very affordable price. This will also helps in savings of money for a customer who belong who

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    Hi friend,
    A shopping mall is indeed a blessing in disguise.It provides opportunity for the mass to newer and better products.It may have arisen anarchy and chaos in retail market but its great for consumers.

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    A shopping mall in today's progressing world is quite a necessity. Yes, in a way the 'local shops' which have been around for ages will naturally suffer. But one should consider that while shopping in a 'mall' everything is under one roof, all your needs so to say, consumer durables, grains, vegetables, clothes etc..etc.. and that too at discounted rates, properly packed, cleaned & weighed. So in today's fast world, people look for ways to minimise kitchen work, and so 'Malls' are here to stay, and in short, I would not have any other way.

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    shoping just the wastage of money...for the shopkeepers inside it as most of the people do window shoppinh here and are not intersted in shoppinh here because of high prices

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    Hi Friends,
    As every thing has its +ve and -ve, shopping mall too do have their flip flops. Well, as pros, you get to see all the brands and all shorts of items under one roof. So, you do not have to hop from shops to shop for getting your item and also you get to compare various brands at a single place. So, you are able to make a better choice.

    On the flip side, malls do charge a lot more than the local shops. Even they put local products with a much higher price tag on it. They kill the retail marketing by local vendors which do take out a lot of jobs. (Well, you can say they do recruit people in mall, but have you ever thought about the work to pay ratio in a mall!!!).

    Also, just think about the locations of the malls. They just make the already cramped city even more cramped. In my opinion, malls should come up in the out skirt of a city instead of just at the central places.



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