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    New Look of IRC Rocks

    Dear Friends,

    Today I login to IRC and I am shock, where I am? Yes this is our favorite IRC. New look is great and feelings are great.

    Nice improvement IRC Team. Best of luck.

    with best regards
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    I disagree.

    The new look is not at all easy on the eyes. The dark blue band which shows the differecnt sections makes the headings very faint. It is only 'Announcements' that is clear as it is in red.

    Somehow, I also feel that the earlier pastel shades were better. These blue shades just don't suit IRC and are more appropriate for a site like that of a hospital.

    Sorry if my views are a bit harsh, but honestly I would like the old look back please.

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    Hi Friends,
    I do like the new look over the previous one. But to some extent I agree with vk. The text inside the dark blue bar is not easily visible. But I like the light blue bar which shows the product categories. Well, one more thing is I always give some time to a change, because once I am adjusted to something and it changes, at the first sight I never able to accept it. But slowly I get adjusted with the changed version and even start liking more than the previous one. I am sure, it happens with a number of other people also.

    It is good to see that IRC is putting effort in making the look and feel better. It cannot be the best User Interface over a one night. But constant effort will obviously make it better and I am quite sure that IRC will also evolve through the same process.

    So, lets give it some time and our valuable inputs to make it better is always appreciated.

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    Dear VK and Lokajit,

    Yes both you are saying true. But after few days you will like this. because our eyes match with old frame and colour. now it change. hence we feel the disturbances.

    Dear friends,

    There is one logic i understand behind this, The dark band for the contributor. Faint menu bar for the visitor who will directed by search engines. More visitors for our product earning is more.

    Dear Webmaster,

    Great mind and nice improvement. I like your trick.

    with best regards

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