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    Way to GO...IRC!!!

    Hi Friends / Admin,
    I stumbled upon this site by chance and when I wondered through it I found the idea of sharing the money with the contributers pretty interesting. But as always, where money is involved you will often see people trying to take the short cuts. That is where a strong and accurate moderation is required.

    Now coming to the current status of IRC, I can see a lot of posts are just copy paste work of previous posts. Funniest part is I see many forum answers are just copy of my answers in the forum. Well, not only mine, people are copy pasting two three answers together to increase the lines and get more points. This clearly shows that the contributer is more interested in points and not in adding value to the site. Also, irrelevant posts are being added to each and every forum questions just to increase the points. Coming to product reviews, one liner and two liners are being posted as reviews. Well, these sort of reviews look good for only SMS reviews and not site reviews. And there are many more such things that shows that some contributers are more interested in points gathering and not value addition for the site.

    Well, there will be a lot of such people around. But then, the moderation job should be equally tight and stringent. Even a delayed moderation is like a lost cause. A weak moderation will obviously make the site a garbage dump. And, oh yes, if you feel the moderation job is not easy then why do not you delegate the task to the members of the site. Make a member group that can contribute in moderating. You can also follow the MouthShut way of moderation. Let the viewer/ Member decide whether a review or submission is useful or not. This will make the task a bit more easier for already loaded admins.

    There are many such things that needs to be addressed to make a site successful. Short cuts can make you get early success but not a sustainable one. And yeah, I am waiting to see who now copies this post and repost it so that he/she can get good points out oh it... :lol :lol

    Finally, I wish all the very best to IRC team and to us (the members). Hope the post here might work as some help to who ever wants IRC to be one of the reputed review site.

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    This particular testimonial I found quite impressive. We will take into note your points, and I am sure, our editors will also keep watch on everything.

    But let me tell you one thing, we never approve copied forum answers or copied reviews.


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