Introduce myself in IRC

Dear Members/Editors,

I would like to introduce myself in IndiaReviewChannel. However I came to know from others that this site is very optimal for earning as well as getting reviews on Products Worldwide.

However I turned up yesterday in the site to check best reviews on Mobiles, as I had planned to buy it. Today, I thought to turn up again as I thought that I can earn a bit of a pocket money from this site.

I am currently in Std. 12 in Ahmedabad, so I would not be able to dedicate that much time in the site, but I surely promise you that I will be a good and fair member on IRC.

In order to get started, can you suggest me how to get going. The system f points and cash on how it works. I have no idea. Members please respond as your opinions matter as much as gold to me.

Thanks and Regards,
Saswato Chatterjee.