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    Increasing water contamination - Zero B water purifiers a perfect solution

    Reading an article, about how unsafe is the water we are drinking, every second day and in almost every newspaper is horrifying. This has become a serious concern now-a-days. So I started searching for a good water purifier for my family. I went to shops, re ad various articles and blogs, spoke to the existing users of water purifiers from various companies and then I discovered ZERO B RO from Ion Exchange India ltd.
    They were the first ones to launch RO system water purifiers in India many years ago. Today they have the most advance purification systems. The Zero B RO water purifier is the most advanced water purifier available. Its the only water purifier with 7 stage purification system. I felt this is the company I can trust on and I went ahead exploring the various model available.
    The kind of product range they own is astonishing. Zero B Sapphire is a wall mountable RO with a transparent tank and LED display. Zero B Pristine is a table to model with heptapure technology. Zero B Kitchen Mate is an under the counter model which can be fitted easily under the sink / platform. Zero B Ultimate is a table top model with 10 Liters capacity for large requirements.
    Zero B also own a water purifier that works on solar technology. Its called Zero B Solar. Its an advanced product which unlike RO doesn't require electricity to work. Its good for places where water TDS level is comparatively better
    After knowing all this I decided to get a Zero B RO at my place. I am completely satisfied with its performance and also with the kind of response I got from the company. If any of the readers of this article are also interested in buying Zero b products, I can help you with the contact no. from where I had called for buying this product. This is direct company's number.
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    Hi Suruchi,
    Your post is quite interesting. Why dont you add all the products that you have mentioned in our water purifier category.


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    your Increasing water contamination - Zero B water purifiers a perfect solution
    is very nice

    best regards

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