Rainny season - season of water borne diseases

Water-borne diseases like cholera, gastroenteritis, diarrhea have been erupting every year during summer and rainy seasons in India due to poor quality of drinking water supply and sanitation. It is imperative to use a good water purifier in homes to shield oneself from such ailments.
Ion Exchange (India) Ltd., a name to reckon with in the water purification industry, has a revolutionary state of the art product Zero-B Sapphire. Ion Exchange (India) Ltd. has introduced the concept of "Zero B Sapphire". A Concept which delivers a single-window solution to your pure drinking water needs.
Zero B Sapphire, is an 7 stage RO (Reverse Osmosis) system which is designed and manufactured to deliver the purest form of water. Its a water purifier that ensures the water is safe from lead, pesticides, bacteria and other harmful toxins.
Zero B Sapphire uses path breaking technology that not only removes bacteria, but also viruses, eliminates pesticides, harmful chemicals, metals and dissolved salts. It comes from the stable of ION Exchange (India) Ltd., pioneers and leaders in the arena of water treatment. A position that has been maintained for four decades. In its endeavor to provide enhanced customer satisfaction,
The smart looking Zero B Sapphire offers you double safe pure drinking water.
Product water meets USEPA drinking water standards and IS 10500.
The design of Zero B Sapphire has several unique features like a transparent pure water tank with Led to indicate water level. The tank is detachable and hence easy to use and clean.
Zero- B Sapphire consumes less space, can be mounted on the wall, and is compact and elegant, gives more aesthetic look to the kitchen.
Zero B Sapphire has storage cum online feature. Water can be directly as well as upto 6 liters of water can be stored for future use as well.
Zero- B Sapphire RO give energized water that help to reduce excess acidity and bile in digestive system. Effective in Urinary and kidney disorders .Revitalizes body by enhancing natural resistance power, lower headache and tiredness drastically. Beneficial for nervous disorders & treatment of blood pressure. Regulates the movement of the bowels expelling accumulation of poisonous matter.