Samsung 50" plasma tv = beware of BAD SERVICE

I am a lifetime Sony buyer, but since they don't have plasmas, I recently (3 months back), bought a 50" plasma tv from Samsung. It is PS50B450 model, and the sales guy insisted its a hotselling model.
In 3 months, some circuit inside konked out, and I had no video, only audio. Their service centre was always busy, and I finally called the guy who had installed the set. He came (day 3) and checked and then managed to complain to the service centre.
The next day (day 4), the engineer came, and inspected the set, and diagnosed a circuit problem, which needed replacement. He promised a revert the next day by 12:00 noon.
I waited till 4 pm the next day (day 5) and them called this guy up, who gave me the number of another person. He took some more time, and promised to get back the same evening. Not surprisingly, he didn't.
I called him the next morning (day 6) and he said that there was no part available, and they were trying to replace the set! I was ok with that, since the set is new, and under warranty. But then, no news.
I called him the next day (day 8) and was told, to my surprise, that no set is available! Apparently Samsung doesn't make plasmas any more, since their focus has shifted. I remember asking this very question to the Samsung salesman who sold me the set, who had glibly lied about this. This man then suggested that he will get me a refund!
It is now 10 days and I am sitting with this expensive piece of glass on my wall, which is now being used as a mirror. No response, no update from Samsung. I am not interested in a refund, I want a good plasma tv. Sadly, I don't think I'll get that from Samsung.
Buyers beware - Samsung does not deliver what it promises - be prepared for loads of after-sales issues if you end up buying their tv.