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    Discuss: I am very proud to be an indian!

    This thread is to discuss the opinion poll topic 'I am very proud to be an indian!'.
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    Yes am very very proud to be a Indian.
    India has a great culture, tradition ,Customs, and sociable even with enemies no caste feelings they are unity.
    Hindus and Muslim are brothers and sisters like that many religions live with each other.
    Every one have equal rights.
    Indian's Celebrating the festival with great manner , Dance like Kuchupudi,Bhartnatyam,and other activities.
    India has great history of God .
    Indians give respect to womens they treat as goddess.Womens also done many wonders like SarojiniNaidu, Indira Gandhi,Sonia Gandhi,Prathibha Patel, Motherthersa ,Sunitha Willams , Saina Nehwal , and many more.
    Many freedom fighters sacrifice their life for India like Gandhji, Subhas Chandra Bose,Allurisitha Ramaraju, Bhaghat sigh, and many
    such a great persons in india.
    Indian's are great in the world because they done many inventions.
    First Plastic and Open Heart Surgery were succeed by our Indian Doctors in the World not only in health but also Economically, Politically and many more other fields done such a great things. Of course India is a poor country but not in knowledge.
    Many Countries people are also agree and respect India.
    India is backbone of Indian Agriculture uses of gold is more in india.

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    Ashak i completely agree with your opinion on this article.
    Thank you for your response.

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    A part of India is Pakistan today and a part of Pakistan is Bangladesh today.

    Just a thought- Is your patriotism and proud so Shallow that a single Political boundary can cause enmity. And then you break it down further there are proud Maharastrians and proud Delhites and what not.

    Why can't you just be proud of being a great human being. What is so great in taking proud in the work of those who are from your country. Be proud of yourself.

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    Its important to be proud of whatever you are and where you live. One should be proud of oneself, but you can never forget the fact that you are an Indian, and its always good to be proud of that fact. India is a great country, though it does have flaws, but which country doesn't have flaws.

    Its on us to work out and I believe till you don't love your country you would never want to make it a better place to live. So I am proud to be an Indian and whatever I can do to contribute I always will try hard to work on that grounds. Though few things are not in our hand but what you and I can do is TRY.

    Be Proud To Be An Indian.



    Sangeeta Chaubal

    Happy Posting


    Sangeeta Chaubal
    Editor, IRC

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