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    Google adsence account invalid

    since three months i am trying to get google adsence account for my blogs, but
    it is not accepting , and showing invalid, please give googd suggetions to activate my adsence account.
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    Once upon a time Google was approving all the adsense accounts coming through, but situations have changed now.

    Your site should be atleast six months old and it should have well writtened blogs and it should have some considerable amount of unique visitors per day.

    Once you reach all this with your blog, try to apply again and you will get approved.


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    hi ganesh,
    I want to ask you some questions regarding Google adsense i.e.
    1) Do you have google adsense account.
    2) If you have google adsense account , open your blogger and login and click on design and add a gadget i.e adsense and then you will get a page of adsense login. Login and your ads will display after 24 hours.
    3) If your adsense account is not approved you cant get the ads on blogger.
    4) Now a days google has become strict and are not accepting indian google adsense accounts easily.
    5) So you have very best opportunity by our indiareviewchannel to get an google adsense account by being a member.
    6) You have to be a gold member to get the google adsense account.
    7) And inorder to get approved you have to clear 5 requirements out of 6 mentioned in the google adsense profile.
    8) So if your google adsense account is approved you can use the same google adsense account for your blogger or blogs.
    9) Please do clear this and you can get your adsense account easily.

    With Regards,
    ArunKumar Saanam
    Diamond Member
    India Review Channel

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    Hi Ganesh,
    Inorder to see the sample you can check my blogs. You can see how i have arranged my ads and i have got adsense account from indiareviewchannel.

    With Regards,
    ArunKumar Saanam
    Diamond Member
    India Review Channel

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    Hi Arun,
    Ganesh needs adsense account. He is yet to get one, is what I have assumed from his post.

    @ Ganesh,
    If you are a constant contributor and contribute well in all sections of IRC and also reach Gold level, after 6 months you can apply for adsense through IRC.


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    Hi Ganesh,

    First of all you should check your view ad sense profile before applying for ad sense account. It will tell you that are you eligible to be the member of Ad sense account.

    If you are not eligible then see what are the requirement needed to be the as sense account holder. Then fulfill those requirement such as, be a gold member, ad your photo etc. There will be six option in which you need to fulfill just 5 option.


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    thks for all info it will help all lot of us as job is reall rare now a days

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