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    Specialization of the Week in IRC - How about this idea?

    Dear members / Editors / Webmaster,

    I would like to putforth the following idea in the welfare of IRC.

    We can announce "specialization of the week in IRC" on some specific topic like "Mobile Phones" [example only] and members may be asked to utilize all the sections for posting contents about the said topic which will be given priority in points and cash credits. Every week this topic should change so that members with appropriate contents on various topics can wait and make it an opportunity to earn more during that specified week.

    I welcome opinions [only constructive] and criticisms from all the members / Editors / Webmaster on this proposal. Also like to have improvement mechanisms on this arrangement please.

    Thanks in advance.
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    Hello Mr. Satishkumar,

    Once again a sparkling idea from you and I support it whole heartedly. Nice move. May I suggest a topic for the next week? Nissan Micra will be launched soon and there is a stir in the hatchback segment, so can we have anything like hatchback cars in India for the upcoming week?

    Kumaraditya Sarkar.

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    Hi Mr.Kumaraditya,

    Well, thanks for complimenting my idea but its ultimately for the Webmaster to decide so let us wait for her decision in this respect.

    My best wishes.

    Thanks & Regards -
    Lakshmi S

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    It could be the best idea and an excellent opportunity for members to earn more as well as such steps will make the site to grow more.

    We are also eager to hear from webmaster about the idea suggested by you.

    I can say it is a great fore thought by you.

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    I definitely think this a nice try, and it should work the way it has been planned to. But hopefully it shouldn't get too exhaustive and members should be allowed to post contents other than the 'specific topic'.

    Well but its not a bad idea at all and this may encourage everyone to work hard, especially on those topics, areas or categories which have less product or resource submissions. One can defintely give it a try. Lets see what Webmaster has to say about this.

    All the best.


    Sangeeta Chaubal

    Happy Posting


    Sangeeta Chaubal
    Editor, IRC

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    Hi Mr. Satish,

    I must say that it's a great idea. It will make other to participate more and more along with that they will able to get more information about it which increase their knowledge about a particular subject.

    As it will definitely help to increases the site knowledge and through this it will be updated very easily. In this we can target those section which are neglected or less contributed. I hope this will get approval soon.


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    I think this very good idea to motivate members. Definitely it will work it out.
    all we are waiting for webmaster's approval.


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