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    Is it worth to buy semi automatic than fully automatic washing machines?

    I am planning to buy a washing machine, few says it is only a major difference in cost between fully automatic & semi automatic washing machines, but a minor difference in utilities, I am bit confused.

    I would like to hear some expert guidance in this regard along with which brand I can buy, kindly share your experience in this aspect.
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    Semi automatic washing machines will require you near by, you cannot just start and move off. You will have to come back and start rinsing and drying separately. The clothes will get the detergent and they agitate. That's all
    In some of the machines you will have to take the clothes out and then rinse. You can dry them separately. You can stop in between and scrub if you like. That's the only advantage I see in semi automatic machines.

    But in fully automatic washing machines, you will have programs according to the type of clothes like, cotton, linen, bedsheets as well as delicate clothes and woollens. You just have to pick the program and switch it on. You can move away from the place after adding enough detergent etc and need to come back only after the machine switches off by itself.
    If you are alone at home and no one to help you I would ask you to go in for fully automatic washing machine. If you have any more doubts please do not hesitate to ask me.

    Latha Jayaprakash
    India Review Channel

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    Semi automatic washing machine is little less price than fully automatic washing machine but most of them not aware about the advantage of fully automatic washing machine, I personally feel and prefer fully automatic washing machine as it has to set and just connect with water tap, and fully automatic has touch button option for low or high washing clothes such as heavy blanket, or normal bed spread or normal clothes etc. we just need to set the option along with inserting used clothes and detergent powder, that's it, it will automatically wash, rinse, send out drain and make it dry then we just need to open its door and put it on the hanger to consume airy further to press it. We are not necessary to be present there for during washing time.

    Physical work is very less in fully automatic machine compare to semi automatic machine, only one thing is little hard when it comes to technical issue, fully automatic washing machine spare parts are little costlier than other one.

    Semi automatic washing machine is like manual operation from supplying water till operates it and switch washed clothes from washer bin to spin bin and setting it timing then again need to transfer it to hanger etc., during this operation, it consumes time and energy than other one, also, most of the time you need to present there.

    You can buy fully automatic washing machine with any brand like Samsung, LG, Whirlpool or Godrej etc. each brand has just few hundred rupees differences and more or less same liter/kgs capacities.

    Hafeezur Rahman

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    It is an highly ratable explanation from two senior members and they have cleared all my doubts whether to go for semi automatic or fully automatic washing machine.

    Now I have decided to go for fully automatic washing machine.

    I take this opportunity to thank Latha madam and my friend Hafeezur for their valuable suggestions.

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    I thought I will also throw in my 2 cents :-)

    For me, I will any day exchange my Fully automatic Front loading machine for a Semi Automatic Top loading one.

    Not that there is a problem with Fully Automatic. It's only that once you have programmed it, the fuzzy logic takes over. That means, It will guzzle down as much water as it wants, will run multiple cycles according to set logic and if I want to reopen it to say rub cuffs or collars- it will run the full cycle again.

    For me- Semi Automatics are the best. They let you do your washing the way you want.

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