How to create a Business / Travel Post?

Hello all,
All of us like to post in the business as well as the Travel category.
Posting a business / travel post is very easy, if you follow these steps properly.

1. First you have to decide on the place/ tourist Destination in India you want to write about.
Then start collecting details about the place and get a small description of about 6-8 sentences about that particular City / Tourist Destination.

2. Then list the places to visit / tourist attraction of the place. Just list them and no details are necessary here for example take Chennai just list out places like Mahabalipuram, Kancheepuram temples, Guindy Gandhi Mantapam, names os Amusement Parks etc.

3. Then How to Reach that particular city , by air / by rail / by road etc. Give correct details so as to reach the hotels / resorts / destinations.

4. If it is a hotel or a resort post then go through the website of the hotel / resort and understand what is given there. Also try to surf about the place as much as you can and collect details about the hotels, / resorts / places .
You have to get the correct details of the accommodation available at the place, Food ( if a restaurant is available and what type of food they serve etc and the specialities of the restaurant / the place you are writing about)

5. Then comes the Contact Details. Try to be as accurate as possible. giving the details as address, phone number, mobile, toll free reservation if any, E mail id's of the contact person and their mobile numbers etc

6. If you can get the tariff details and that too correct and the present tariff details post tem with their validity period. If you are not sure please do not post the tariff details at all.

7. Then collect as many pictures as you can, but make sure you don't download pictures from the copy righted sites. You as well as the admin of the site will get into trouble, always remeber that. Even after this you do add such images they will be deleted.

8. After all these if you copy paste any of the details form any of the sites even if it is from their website the post will be deleted. Only some parts like the tariff details ( that too only the current ones, if you have to) and some of the facilities can be copy pasted and that too be careful in doing that. If you are found copying, you will not get your google adsense account easily.

9. If you post correctly and nicely with all the relevant details you can get upto 20 points and upto Rs 10 as cash per post. If you copy paste your post will be deleted without prior warning or intimation. Even after that if you continue copy pasting you might get suspended or the rights for posting will be removed.

10. Follow all these points diligently and if there is anything you don't understand or need clarification, please do contact me. I will help you as much as I can. All the best to you all. Keep posting.