How to make a product submission?

How to post to business post like Shops / Stores

1.You have to collect as much info as you can through surfing the net or by going through newspapers and magazines.

2. Start by giving a description about the shop / stores you have chosen and mention the place or the location details. If you can give a landmark, please do so.

3. Try to give as much details about the items in the shop / stores.

How to post about Malls and Shopping complexes

1. First you have to give the location details of the Mall / Shopping complex an a small description about the area and the details about the mall / shopping complex

2.. If it is a mall or a shopping complex, it would be enough if you could give a detail of the shops inside the mall or the shopping complex. No need to get into the details of each and every shop. Those can be added as a separate shop post in the shops and stores category.

3. Then give a small detail about the escalator or lifts facilities, restaurant and eateries available there, children play area, the types of shops and the items available in them like Frozen foods and cold storage, Groceries, Beauty parlours and salons etc