Schwinn Gremlin

It was my little one's 6th birthday and I decided to buy him a nice cycle. Now the bike is expensive for a 6 year old but doesn't matter if it all seems worth it. Being quite aware with Schwinn's quality I didn't even blink an eye and immediately bought the Schwinn Gremlin.
The Schwinn Gremlin looks really nice. The handle bars have good hand grips. The tires are on alloy rims, and way better than lower quality rims seen in bikes these days. The bike itself is pretty heavy, which may be seen as a negative thing. Something really striking about the bike is its good ergonomic design; the handlebars and pedals are easy to reach. The frame is quite sturdy and the seat can be adjusted effortlessly to provide the perfect distance between it and the pedals. One drawback is that the maximum height between the pedals and the seat is a bit less than the height found on other bikes. Rest everything is just perfect about the bike.

My son is really happy with the bike and I am happier with its quality. If you are also looking for a quality driven first bike for your child, then make sure you consider the Schwinn Gremlin.