Schwinn Predator Pro!

I have always been interested in performance bikes. So on my 15th birthday I actually got one. My budget was 10 K and the only good bike that seemed to fit within my budget was Schwinn Predator Pro. I ride it to school every day and trust me, I am envied by many.
Other than the budget what I fell in love with was the look of the bike. It really looks stylish and my friends think it costs atleast 20K. It looks very sleek and trendy. Now, something weird about the bike is that the thickness of both the tires is different. And no, it's not because of some mistake but instead it comes with the design. Nevertheless the bike is not at all disappointing. It's fast, light and smooth. It has good suspension so I don't have to panic about bumpy roads at all. I am simply in love with its BMX frame unlike other bikes that use low quality frames. All parts of the bike are made of good quality so I don't have to worry about anything for the next 1-2 years at least. Also, the saddle is quite comfortable so going on long rides is not that tiring.
I am yet to do some adventure biking with the bike. But I am quite sure that I won't be disappointed at all. Later on I might want to put in some disc brakes, otherwise rest everything seems fine. So, I am pretty happy with my purchase. It's just awesome. If you're an adventure loving teenager just like me, I definitely advise you to go for this bike.