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    Limited access to associated AdSense accounts is approved by Google AdSense team to create new AdSense accounts for our members or associate their existing adsense accounts with us. This action will allow to have limited access to your AdSense account.


    - will be able to access your earnings report
    - will be able to create and manage 'Channels'
    - will be able edit your account settings like user language etc.

    - will NOT be able to change your payment details like payee name, address etc
    - will NOT be able view or change your password.

    Even though Google AdSense APIs allow us to perform the above actions on your AdSense account, we will perform such actions only to display appropriate information to you through the AdSense control panel in

    Our access rights to your AdSense account is controlled by Google AdSense terms & conditions as well as the AdSense API features. This is subject to change by Google anytime.

    You can find some additional information here:



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    Does's highlited special rights like will be able to access your earnings report, will be able to create and manage 'Channels', and will be able edit your account settings like user language etc, can cause any harm to any of its members in the longterm.

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    very good information and valuable information also.

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    Thanks for the information webmaster.

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    We have only very limited access to your accout, as allowed by Google. We can only view your earnings. However, nobody is sitting on our side and reading your earnings. It is programmatically retrieved by our site and displays only to you.

    Google has given us the minimum permissions so that we can share the revenue with you. You should not have any problems with that in future.

    - Tony John

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    thank you sir,

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    Dear Admins,

    I don't find any increase in my adsense account after associating with India Review Channel (IRC). Would you please explain how would get more in Adsense with the help of IRC.

    Thanking you.

    Sekhar Chandra, Golden IRCian

    Thanking you.

    Sekhar Chandra,
    Golden IRCian

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    Dear ChandraSekhar,
    You need to write more of quality reviews, write good quality resources about products. You have to wait for it to increase; IRC is still a start up website. We have been seeing constant and considerable increase in our adsense. But we see it only when we participate actively.

    Webmaster, IRC


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    Dear Chandra,

    You have to have lots of pages with relevant material in IRC and only you will get visitors to your pages.

    Both Rajmi and I have been seeing adsense increase from the IRC pages. Since it is a new site the increase is a bit less, but still increase is an increase right??

    You can guess how much work we have put in for that. Keep on writing, adding more and more reviews, participate discussion forums, add resources and products if you have not seen those products entered here.

    Keep working, you will start seeing results here like we do.

    Latha Jayaprakash
    Editor - IRC

    Latha Jayaprakash
    India Review Channel

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    Only on active contribution for atleast a month, we could see getting more results. IRC is a new website , but i think this is more google friendly and thousands of pages have already been indexed. So we can expect huge traffic flow if everyone of us work hard.

    Best Reviews,
    Member of IRC

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