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    Posting Criteria For IRC

    IRC is all about posting quality product submissions, detailed reviews and descriptive resources. This site allows one to earn through such quality submissions. One can definitely earn a good pocket money by making continuous postings. But these postings refer to good content which is readable and useful to others who wish to benefit from such submissions.

    Products that provide detailed description and information are approved as they form an important source for visitors of this site to read and analyze before buying. Also reviews which give a perfect idea about the functionality and experience one had about the particular product can form a helpful source to people who wish to either buy them or share their experience with us. Resources related to products and to the other categories mentioned in IRC are welcome. This could include a resource about any business or product from the available categories of IRC.

    Forums are meant to discuss and communicate with the other members and not just for earning points. Forums should be be informative and helpful. If such forums are posted which are meant for earning points rather than to communicate or discuss about a particular product they are deleted automatically without prior intimation to the member who posted such forums. One way of earning on IRC is through Google Adsense. For qualifying for Google Adsense, one need to follow the rules and qualification Criteria, otherwise even if a member gets Gold Level and applies for Google Adsense their account gets disqualified.

    So all one need to do is some good quality submissions! Go through the New Member FAQ which will explain in detail how to carry out things and get known other than submitting some irrelevant postings which is going to take one no where! The best way to get going with the posting job, as per me is to refer to few of the older posts submitted by the most known and the renowned members of this site like Rajmi Mam or Latha mam or even few others, which may guide you to proceed on the correct path. Additionally posting irrelevant posts is also just a waste of time for everyone, including the Editors who spend time deleting such posts.

    Happy Posting


    Sangeeta Chaubal
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    Hai Sangeetaji,
    You have given good path for the confusion of the participate and wishes for the become editor.Iam getting low prices for the product and rewies submissions. How to improve my level.

    best regards
    Amzad basha

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    Hi Amzad

    Sorry to say that your product submissions have to be deleted because they are copy pasted. IRC doesn't allow such product submissions. You are allowed to collect information from various sites and sources but you can't write anything that exists on other sites. Please go through the senior member's postings and try and to learn from them. You definitely have the potential to make good for yourself out of this site, the only thing needed from you is to try and write your own product submissions. Don't copy them from other sites. That is the only reason why your product submissions are not approved. You can see that whichever product submissions you have written yourself, in spite of your grammatical mistakes they have been approved. Doesn't that make it clear that you can do if you really wish to. So from next product submission onwards try and have your own worded submissions. Don't waste your time on forum messages and polls. Instead concentrate on your product and business submissions. All the best with that.

    Happy Posting


    Sangeeta Chaubal
    Editor, IRC

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    Hai Sangeetaji
    Thanks for your responses. I have one doubt,i had prepared some blogs on products how can i add this blogs in links.But i knew the yahoo answers in submission of links.please tell the blog link.

    Best regards
    Amzad Basha

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    Hi Amzad,
    go to sign in using your google account and follow the steps, you can start blogging. In your blog posts give atleast 3 clickable IRC page links. In blogs you need to use LINK tab on top of the editor to link IRC pages. Still if you have any doubts, do look at our blog submissions and also ping us if you need any help.


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    it is very clear for new entries

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    Hai madam,

    I am posting reviews in three wheeler section. some of my articles are deleted and i don't know what happend my writing. I am very interesting in all types of vehicles. so i see in three wheeler section there is no products. so i am started to writing. But some of the posts are deleted. And I did not know how to add pictures in the front of the matter. can i down load pictures from pictures. I did not know how adding links. pls clear my doubts i am waiting for your valued reply.

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    Hello Rajesh

    Its good to know that you are interested in posting reviews for sections which don't have much reviews and product list. And it is really nice to know that you are interested in automobiles, mostly three wheelers. The reason why few of your posts have been deleted is because of those posts being just one-liners or two-liners. We don't accept one-liner posts not even in the review. However if the review is relevant to the product then we may accept a three or four liner review and approve at least with 2 points. Additionally if you are writing review for a car for example Ford Figo, then you stick to the product. Your review should not be about Ford vehicles in general, but you may use a general statement along with a detailed review of the vehicle. Please try and provide quality reviews and postings for getting them approved with good points. Make your posts eligible for Partnership Program by adding quality to them. Do read other posts and reviews for additional knowledge and get started.

    Looking forward for some good postings from you.

    Happy Posting


    Sangeeta Chaubal
    Editor, IRC

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    Hello Rajesh,

    I have been going through some of your reviews which have been deleted. They are just one or two liners that are not enough. You wil have to write a little more.

    First you have to collect details about the products you want to post the review on.
    If you like, you can also do some comparison with other similar products. Write what you think good about them and also what you think bad.
    Go through the thread How to post reviews and start with your opinions about the product you like and have used.
    Start posting proper reviews, you will get more points as well as cash.

    Latha Jayaprakash
    India Review Channel

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    About adding pictures while posting products - Well it is very easy to do the same. Once you submit the product you can post the pictures from the category which is right at the bottom of the page, which says Add Photos. Just click on the link and you can submit photos. About adding images to resources, the steps are been given in the forum, How to add images in resources

    Happy Posting


    Sangeeta Chaubal
    Editor, IRC

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    Hi Latha Madam,

    In Three wheeler section i am briefly discussed about the company and specifications with full details. But you said that i am writing one or two lines. Ok thanks for your valued reply

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    Hi Sangeethaji,

    Thank you for your valued reply. But my confusion is not cleared. I am telling how the picture is fixing in front right side of the page. I am submitting photos they go to photo section not displaying in front of the page.

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    Let me check your posts Mr. Rajesh and let you know what need to be done. Also while adding products be it in any category, there is no need to give description about the company which manufactures it, give the description of the product, its features and specifications.

    In reviews, give the functionality of the product, say for example, if you want to write about TVS Atuos fitted with LPG, then write about how LPG will benefit in terms of cost etc etc. That will help you get more viewership and good points rather than posting a two or three liner review.


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    It is the fabulous guidelines that was much awaited in IRC. I expect such guidelines more on various topics from the Editorial panel soon to help and guide the new members here at IRC.

    Thank you.

    Thanks & Regards -
    Lakshmi S

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    Hey Rajesh

    Once you submit a product and upload pictures for the same, there is a option of selecting the photo as a Primary photo. If the picture that you upload seems to be the primary picture of the product do click on the option and you will see that the photo can be seen with the product on the front page. Don't choose primary picture option for all the photos. And the uploaded photos also need approval and if they are not appropriate, they get deleted.

    Hopefully I have answered your query.

    Happy Posting


    Sangeeta Chaubal
    Editor, IRC

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    Hi Rajmi mam,

    I understand all about the posting of articles. Thank you very much for your kind reply. It is encouraging me to always writing this channel. I am trying to develop my writing in good quality. I loved this channel because i am mad with two wheeler and four wheeler. I am subscribing Malayala Manorama Fast Track and Overtake Magazine in Malayalam Edition. English writing is very difficult for me but i am trying to my level best for a quality writer.

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    Hi Sangeethaji,

    I under stand uploading pictures. Yes it is very simple. Thanks for your kind reply. You are very speed to reply me. I am waiting for that.



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