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    Posts rejected

    Hi Rajmi Mam,
    In some of your responses you wrote that, the product information should not be copied from web sites. i don't understand your words. almost all members of IRC are not reporters, any member who is submitting a product means he is getting information from some outsource, like media, web, etc., some body who is having enthusiasm, but could not come up with English, they copy as it and use to publish with IRC, but the theme is to share the information what they with other IRC members. but some will come up with their beautiful skills. in this regard don't directly reject their products, first intimate them politely for betterment. if you do so, it create a great impact on the members which indirectly influence the IRC. do the needful.
    with regards

    Rahim Khan
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    The specifications cannot be changed, we dont expect that to write in your own words. But the description of the product need to be written only in own words. You can refer to other sites, but copy pasting the content from there is not acceptable.

    We have been telling the same thing for a long time, and you can read about that in our FAQ also. We dont accept copied content, it means spamming and all the search engines will mark IRC as a spam site which we dont want to happen.

    Kindly understand this, you can refer other websites, we dont expect high skilled english but try to write it in your own words. The description part alone we expect to be in own words.


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    Hi Rajmi Mam
    Thanks for response
    i will keep in mind
    with regards
    Rahim Khan

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    Hi Rajmi Mam
    I have got the information from search engines but I did not copy and paste it as it is. what ever the information I have posted in my my products is my own and self written by me. for you your kind information i am Post Graduate Engineer and M.Tech., (PhD). I need not necessary to copy and paste as it is from web site.
    for information and necessary needful action in the matter
    with regards
    Rahim Khan

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    Hello Rahim Khan

    If your posts are been deleted then there should be a genuine reason for doing so. Nobody in IRC wishes to delete posts unnecessarily. IRC is all about posting products and businesses. Additionally you can write reviews and resources related to the existing products. There can be many reasons why your products and businesses are deleted. Please go through your deleted submissions and see for yourself, what went wrong with each of them. For instance, when you name a product Car, you need to be specific which car. Go through the existing products and business submissions done on this site by other members and see how they are been posted and accordingly start doing the submissions.

    Happy Posting


    Sangeeta Chaubal
    Editor, IRC

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    Hi Rahim khan
    This is amzad no worry about your points and deletion,i think any specific mistake in your submission and just go through your products and write your product submission with high quality and low quantity.No problem you can make better compare to other members and you will reach as early your destination.Do continue with happy and hope.

    Best regards
    Amzad Basha

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