How to earn money by using Camera by selling photographs

There is one saying that there are 101 ways of doing a thing out of which you know only 1 and 100 are still to be learnt. Same thing applies to the ways of earning money. So i will tell you how to earn money while using your digital camera.
There are many companies who need beautifull photographs, either for their advertisement campaigns or for their product. They source it out from many websites which sell these photos to them. And these photos are provided to them by photographers who are either as professional as you or as bad photographers like me. Only thing you have to do is to sign up for your free account with them and start uploading your clicked photographs on any topic by uploading under proper categories. Those photographs which will be bought by the companies, the website will pay you for your contributions depending upon the quality of your work.

Some of these sites are as follows:

But remember that some of these sites may demand ID proof, so that they can ensure that the photos are do not break cyber laws. So you have to be carefull to ensure that the website are completely legitimate and doesn't misuse your personal information.
Ok bye, happy earning.