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    how can we medicate the pimples or acne?i have oily skin.
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    Selecting to eat healthy foods and avoiding harmful saturated fats can have a most important effect. Do not use if you are allergic to certain foods, cosmetics or other products applied to your face, such as sunscreens. The cleanness is an important factor; cleanse your face every day. Use mild cleansers that keep your skin clean and reduce the oils. Drink at least 1.5 liter water. Drink 1 tbsp lime juice with one glass hot water in the morning. Never use oily cosmetics. I do believe that it will significantly help your acne as it cleanses the areas which are responsible for causing the acne.

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    Hi fareed,
    Wash your face regularly. Every time when you get out of your home, your skin will subjected to dust particles. More dust particle will stick on your skin due to oily nature. So wash you face after you reach your home. This can reduce pimples than before.

    Dont touch your face with fingers. Nails contains lots of dirts. This stick your face and forms roots for pimple. To avoid this clean your hand regularly.

    Use olive oil which reduces pimples and make your face shiny. Take oil bath regularly that reduces heat in your body.

    Dont allow impurities, dirts and germs to stick on your skin. If it happens wash it. These impurities are the root cause of pimples.

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    Hi Fareed,

    Acne is a skin problem which persists as hereditary, you can go with normally routine as suggested to you by Venkat, its absolutely perfect,
    Still you face problem, then in today's advanced world of technology we have "Laser Treatment" available.
    You can consult Dr.Atul Shah on 9825033832 regarding this he can guide for Laser Treatment at "Apollo Clinic", charges are normal so don't worry too much about it.

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