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    What are the maximum points and cash credits allowances for different sections in IRC?

    I have a doubt regarding the point allocations in sections of IRC. since the time I joined the site IRC have taken greater interest in my posts and reviews. But while writing the reviews i always had the doubt, how detailed it should be. I had also plans for writing detailed resources, but i stopped myself because i had doubts how much my work would be rewarded?
    please make me clear that should i continue the way i am posting reviews.
    And what are the maximum points and credits rewarded for detailed and quality posts in various sections of IRC.
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    There are various products in (2007 - 2010 period) IRC which don't have at least a single review. Can i write reviews about all the products of that period? Or should i post reviews only on the latest products.
    with regards,
    safvan p

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    Hi Safvan,

    You can write reviews for any of the post / products in which you are interested in. You have been doing a good job. Do continue.

    We have been giving you the highest we could give at present. Our admin will have to decide on extra awards or rewards. Only Sangeetha and I are paid a little more than the other members.
    If you want any more clarification please do come online in G Talk. I can give it to you there.

    Latha Jayaprakash
    India Review Channel

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    The more detailed a review is, the better! I would suggest that you post reviews of the newer posts rather than of old products. Many mobile phones, for example, are not available any more so it makes no sense to post reviews of such products.

    As for cash credits - that is one aspect you don't have to worry about here! You are assured of getting good pay for your posts + good AdSense earnings. In fact, Latha Ma'am I think is getting good AdSense solely from IRC. I myself am regularly getting a few cents daily from IRC and have already crossed my first century in AdSense earnings from IRC alone. It takes time, but it is worth it. The WMs of IRC had informed us when we joined that the Google Ads here are more expensive & hence we can have good revenue.

    So keep you your wonderful contributions in a steady manner & reap rich dividends in the long run.

    Faith gives us the courage to tackle the seemingly impossible, as well as the determination to see it through ~ Author Unknown


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    @latha mam
    thank you for your immediate response. I will post good reviews on some of the older products which, i am feeling it should be there especially on automobiles and mobile phones.
    As you said i would be posting some reviews in good detail without bothering its reward, it will make reviews more attractive and valuable. I am happy to hear that IRC is good source for ad sense revenue. But unfortunately i don't a have a ad sense account,hope i will get it approved soon.

    with regards,
    safvan p

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    Hi Safvan,
    If you post good content you will certainly get your adsense account from Google.

    If you continue the way you are doing now you should be getting it in 6 months. It is Google's stipulation that one has to post at least 6 months continuously in the same site and also have good content.
    As Vandana / vk told you, keep at it, your rewards will come by themselves, when you least expect them.

    I have been posting in the regional sites as well as IRC and ISC. I have had the best results from IRC, may be because, I have lots of posts here to my name.
    All the best to you, Safvan

    Latha Jayaprakash
    India Review Channel

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    Hi All,
    Whatever I write in reviews is from my mind and I keep the words more simple so that visitor can understand it. Just want to confirm whether dictionary words or catchy words are important in reviews ? If yes then which part of review we should include them, like in subject or in content.

    Thanks in advance for your suggestion.

    Life Is Beautiful

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    Hi Avi,
    No not necessary that you should write dictionary words. Keeping your words simple will definitely bring in more visitors to your reviews. But ensure, you give all the details in your review so that both good and bad aspect of a product or business is covered.

    With regard to catchy words, yes, there are certain words which people look for in a review. Say if you take up a mobile phone, people look at the screen size, bluetooth, USB connectivity etc etc. If you can make them bold, then they catch the eyes of the readers. Use simple HTML tags, do not use bullet points.

    Read those reviews that people like Latha Jayaprakash, VK have written. They will def give you an idea as to how to go about writing them. Hope to see more of your contributions again.


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