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    My adsense account confirmed

    Hi Mam,

    My adsense account has been approved by google. Yesterday i am received the message. What is the next step to complete the procedure. And how to earn money from adsense account. Please tell me all about adsense account.
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    Hi Rajesh,

    Congratulations on getting Google Adsense account.
    Now you can start posting good posts and earn a good amount of adsense too.

    Did you get your adsense account through India Review Channel? Tell us that, only then we can help you to activate it.

    Latha Jayaprakash
    India Review Channel

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    congratulations rajesh,
    If you notice the comments of the elite members members in various spider sites you can see that ad sense is the biggest source of revenue for their posting in their sites. so as you are now the part of Google ad sense family, you can hope to have a great time posting online. I would also like like to suggest you to post detailed reviews and resources of the latest products. As ad clicks comes along with the traffic please make sure that your posting are up to date.
    By now, with gold member medal and approved ad sense you are a valuable member for IRC. continue your good works and make good knowledge.
    congratulations once again. regards,

    with regards,
    safvan p

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    Dear Latha Mam,

    Thank you for your reply about my adsense account. Yes my adsense account sanctioned through India Review Channel. So please help me to activate the account at the earliest.



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    Dear Safvan,

    Thank you for your valued reply about my adsense account. I am trying to post more articles and products. The time is very low for me because day time i am in the busy office. The free time i am posting products and articles. Where is your native place.



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    Hello Rajesh

    Congratulations for getting approval for your adsense account and that too from IRC. Please follow the instruction from the mail that you have received from Google to activate your account. You need to go to Google Adsense Website and login with your gmail a/c and password. Once logged get the adsense code from Google Adsense website. As a profile page use the URL page of your profile in IRC. See that you don't do any mistakes while typing the profile URL. Simply copy paste the URL into your adsense page.

    You have done some good product postings including latest magazines and mobile phones too. Keep posting more and more content which may include both products and resources that relate to latest happenings and product launches as well as existing products and businesses. Your writing style is unique and keep it up. Forget about the language errors or grammatical mistakes, regular posting will help you improve.

    Happy Posting


    Sangeeta Chaubal
    Editor, IRC

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    Dear Sangeetha Mam,

    Thank you for your valued reply about my adsense account. Your words is motivated me to write more and more products. But the time is very low for me because in the day time i am in office. But i entering every time (my free time in office) in IRC and submitting products.



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    Congratulations Rajesh!
    You have reached the height that you desired. Your association with IRC community is welcomed. Keep on posting in IRC and it is highly inspiring to us.
    Best wishes!

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    Hi Sabitha Mam,

    Thank you for your valued reply. I am always reading your articles. They are very valuable and most of them i am reading first time in my life and you are very speed to submit products and articles. You are very valuable person in IRC.



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    Hello Rajesh

    Congratulations for getting approval for your adsense account.


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    Hi Rajesh,

    Congrats! To get adsense is really a very big surprise for the blogger and you have got it. Now keep contributing and make dollars. Wish you happy earning ahead.


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    Hi Jeevan Kumar and Anupam Roy,

    Thank you very much for your reply about my adsense account. I am trying to submit maximum products review in this channel.


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