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    IRC assures you of more adsense than other sites.

    Dear members,

    I wish to share this important information with you all. Well, I have been member in almost all the spider sites run by Mr.Tony John. I have contributed more than 60% of the sites. I am having my Google Adsense account too. I know that I maintain almost same level while contributing in many sites like ISC, IRC etc.

    As far as the Google Adsense revenue from IRC is concerned, I can assure that it has surpassed many other sites wherein I am contributing presently. Though my contributions in IRC is much less when compared to sites like ISC, I can vouch and assure that the Adsense revenue from IRC is much higher with reference to number of clicks.

    Therefore, I request all the members of IRC to reinforce their faith in IRC and excel through your contributions and make good Adsense revenue with almost ease.
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    Yes Sathish,

    What you said is 100% right. I have seen that happen many times myself. For a single click I have got more than 2$ in the channel, not once but many a time.

    When we people come out with tips like this many will come forward to post more in the site India Review Channel. Yes friends, post more and more but have some patience. Your patience will be rewarded.

    Thanks Sathish for coming out such a post. All the best to you,

    Latha Jayaprakash
    India Review Channel

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    Hello Sathish,
    I am also experiencing a good adsense revenue through indiareviewchannel. I am not getting much page impressions from here because my contribution is low in IRC. But whenever I get clicks on my advertisements I am getting a minimum of $0.40. I even get $1.26 through a single click through IRC.

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    It is good to hear for me too. I was away from IRC for long time. Keeping my fingers crossed and hoping that my IRC contribution surpass the earning from ISC. Keep contributing in IRC.
    Life Is Beautiful

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    I am new but i think IRC paid good money. I am a student so think this is a good concept for students.

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    I am very happy to hear it here. This is really one of the best thing about IRC, i hope same will happen with me too. It will be very helpful for new members if you could share what section pays you more.


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    Hi its really i have tried so many ways to earn money it is a best way to earn adsense in IRC

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    Earning even a single rupee through our hard work and knowledge will always make us happy. I have to say that IRC gives that that happiness. All of us use different products at home, go to different places in our city or in a different city or town, and if we can share that knowledge about the products or places it will help others too to know about it. What more if you are getting a share from AdSense also for the same then it is a double joy. Many of us have enjoyed that joy so many times. Why I say joy because, compared to a few many other sites, I have personally seen a good amount of value for one click that I get in IRC. So contributing more and contributing well in IRC, will definitely earn you good number of more clicks.

    So I request all the members to contribute good and contribute well and earn good clicks and good AdSense.


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    Hi Sathish,

    Yes, you are absolutely right as you described and no doubt IRC (this site) gives more adsense revenue than other sister sites, I had posted very few articles in this site but still helps me a lot compare to other sister sites where I had posted more than IRC.

    I sometime used to feel that long back I should have posted more in IRC than other sites (where I spent more time with posting many articles in other sites but less in IRC), I will try my best to continue with this site to post in the near future.

    Hafeezur Rahman

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    Yes Sathish,

    Yes, you are exactly correct, on account of describing and no need to worry about the IRC which provides more and more adsense credits than all other sites, I am new member of this site, I have to prove myself here.

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