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    Can the goverment brings all the black money to India

    Will it be possible to get all the black money deposited by indians in Swiss bank. How can the goverment utilize that amount usefully.
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    Nothing is impossible... But if the government gets back those black money it is definite that INDIA will be one among the developed nation and it is even possible that INDIA will become three times that of AMERICA if the government uses it for the wellbeing of the nation....

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    Yes, Black money is really a hot debate now. I think, return of black money solely depends upon the government's action. It would be interesting how can a govt deal with the problem.

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    No, it is not possible because all depositers are business mens.



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    Its surprising to know that India is one of the largest account holder of black money abroad. The nine member committee that Indian Government has appointed to work on the illegal transfer of black money and its recovery will have to work out ways to find a solution and then submit the report. The government is also open for suggestion from any kind of public suggestions on this part. Lets see how it works out.
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    Sangeeta Chaubal
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    No government will ever do That.The issue will be just raised to distract people's attention from other critical issues.It will be discussed for few days on the television channel and soon forget.
    Aam aadmi is busy in his own problem even if he raised voice ,he will be suppressed by every possible way.So bringing all the black money feom swiss bank account is highly difficult or impossible unless a miracle happen or a REAL politician like SHIVAJI or NAYAK come to power.

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    It is possible to bring black money to the India. Government should collect all the data. The government should prove that the persons are with enough money in the India. Finally government should claim it for the public use. Can avail the help of world federal court.

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    As per Rules Indian Government can ask for Black money,deposited in other countries's banks.
    Many countries has already asked for their money and swiss government has provided all information about the amount and details of those accounts.So the same can be done by our Government.
    But the real issue is "Are they willing to do this?"
    Here comes the real problem that they are not interested in doing this because either they are the same person who are depositing their money there or their party financiers/funders money is there.

    Only solution to this is to Force them to do this.Pressure groups has to do this and make big pressure on the government.

    Then things come how to use that money.
    Many fields are in short of finance and are ignored by government as northeast states, army weapons and research.There this money can be invested.
    And surely that will take our development to the new level.
    May My India will be in the list of Developed countries.

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    Chitra Rana

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