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    Is the old songs better then remix songs

    Old songs are better than remix songs.
    Do you think?
    I think so.
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    Hi Dhaval,

    Old songs are always preferred than remix..Only exceptional cases I loved the remix like "Bin tere sanam" song in remix is awesome. I have collection of Rafi and Kishor's songs. It gives calmness in work. Please purchase original music from stores.

    Life Is Beautiful

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    I think its depend on the individual. We can not say that old is better or remix. It is up to the listener. Some likes old songs, some likes remixes.


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    Generally the remix songs are listening by only the young generation it is because of total influencing by the western culture. Old song is always slow tone and remix is always enjoyable and rocky. Type of enjoyment depends on our mood, so when we become very happy to enjoy that moment we need remixes as fast music, and sometime to get relax from stress we need soft music like old song, so I think there should not be any problem with both of them.

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    It depends on mood and mentality of the person.Basically youth like remix songs because of music.In the old songs, both lyrics and music are slow though they contain meaning and melody many times people loose patience and get bore .Music is played for entertainment and for getting relax.

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    Old songs has their beauty as equal as they were having when those were released.
    That is OK old song are being remixed now days but that is certainly a good step for these songs.Because few of them were just not known to youngsters.After listening to those remixes they will come to about these old songs.
    A person get bored of remixes very soon.none of the remix is as long lasting as these old songs people after listening to these remixes will get back to old songs .
    So jus for a change remixes song are good but they cant hamper the popularity of old songs and cant be compared with the super melody.

    Thank you

    With regards:
    Chitra Rana

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    Old songs are like a honey which may never lost there identity and test where new songs are just like a types of chocolate. We listen them once or for week. But whenever we listen old songs feels very energetic. I love old too much.
    Know about the poll results from Global.

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