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    Benifits and Loss of exchange offers - Group Discussion

    Consumers are getting exchange offer for most of the Home applainces and Electronic items all over the year.Consumer will exchange their old products and buy new products by paying some extra money.From this offer scheme consumer will get a small benifit and their Upgradation of products concept get fullfilled.
    What is the benift for the dealers in this scheme.What will they do with all the old products they have received from the consumers?
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    Hello Ramesh,

    I think they recycle the product. For recycle product we can save energy, so company sometime do this.

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    Anupam is right. And let me clear you can not exchange all the gadgets. If some products is really useful then only it can be exchanged. Or else company will not exchange you if it is useless for them.


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    Basically, many people exchange their old goods for new ones. If the exchanged goods are in good condition, the dealers sell them as second sales, but if they are not reusable, they are dismantled and the usable parts are used to make assembled ones. These assembled goods are available at some local market, one have to be quite careful while purchasing those kinds of goods. Many a times, even the company which manufactured those products take it back.

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    I think the dealers renew the old products and sell it for low cost. There must be benefit for the dealers. I don't have nothing more idea about this. We must ask this to a business man, they only know such tactics and tricks. I feel what Rahmi Arun mam said is correct. But all electronic products cannot be dismantled.


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