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    How many points and cash credits I can earn form IRC in a day?

    This is one of the major question that lingers in many people's mind. Let us assume, that you can spend about 2 hours a day at IRC. Here is what you can do and you can earn.

    IRC have sections like Product Submission, review posting, resources, links. These are sections that can earn you both points and cash. And you have to concentrate more on these sections to earn atleast 200 points in that 2 hours you spend at IRC.

    Product submissions can give you 10 points and Rs. 5 max and if you are submitting Business you get 25 points and Rs. 25 max.

    Reviews- write personal or professional review for a product and you get 25 points and Rs. 25 max.

    Resources - Write one resource a day you get 25 points and Rs. 25 max and certain sections like travel and tourism and buying guides gives you more points and cash. Even up to 50 points and Rs. 50.

    Links - You can post about 5 link submissions a day. Out of that 3 q and a and 2 blogs. Blogs that have 3 clickable links to IRC pages gets 45 points and Rs. 15 in cash. Q and A get 6 points and Rs. 2.

    So if you submit 2 blog links you can make 90 points and 3 Q and A you can make 18 points in that so a total of 108 points every day is assured you from link submissions provided they are approved. Normally we approve Q and A links only after a week. So you are assured of 90 points for sure in a day from link submissions.

    So if you make 2 product submissions - 20 points
    2 Business submissions - 50 points
    1 Resource - 25 points
    2 blog links - 90 points

    Total - 180 points

    You can post polls, share your thoughts in forum and thus make a few more points. In total you can make a minimum of about 200 points in a day if you are able to give 2 hours of your time for IRC. But one can earn more than that too.

    Earn more points by participating in the contests that are announced from time to time to earn extra points and cash.

    Happy posting, Happy earning.
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    Hello Webmaster,

    This is really a very useful and well explained guide for all the new bie on this site. I hope everybody will use this tactics and they will earn more and more through sharing.

    Thanks and Regards,

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    Hello webmaster,
    This is a nice article and a useful one for new bie like me hope it helps me to do nice work . thank you.


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    @ Jeevan and Raghav,
    yes, this is one of the best tactics newbies can follow, to earn good points and cash credits from IRC. We learnt it in a hard way when we were newbies and now we thought we could share it with you so that it will help both you and also IRC to grow together.


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    Thank you for posting the nice article like this. it really a important stuff,which helps us to know more about our earnings in IRC.

    Thank You.


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    One have to understand that, there will be basic points assigned to posts. Which is normally 5 and in some categories less than that. But that does not mean it will remain the same. If your post is approved and if it is find good, then your points will increase and if it is deleted, then you will loose the automatically assigned points too.

    So dont forget to post quality content. Copy pasting is strictly restricted.


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    What is blog links? How to post blog links in IRC.

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    Dear Rajmi,

    Thanks for providing great revenue earning opportunity for IRC members.

    Dear Venkat, The blog links are incoming link to IRC. If you have any blog or create blog by using and then optimize this blog for giving links to IRC. You can use bookmark section to create links for your blog.

    Know about the poll results from Global.

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    Dear friends,

    I am a member in many spiders and Bukisa. I am relay feeling very happy and proud myself to be a member of this IRC. I have been more attracted by this IRC. The entire inspiration of this site is good and I have been motivated in high by this site.

    I wish all the members of this site to have good future by posting articles and resource in this IRC and get good revenue.

    With regards,

    Active member of IRC.

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    Good to see this thread in IRC Forum with complete detail and it is very useful guideline for IRC members to earn points and cash from IRC, this site is very useful for many online searchers as the product detail submitted has very helpful for them to get an idea to deal with it, at the same time IRC member also get an advantage of posting their articles with good adsense revenue too.

    Hope members' can utilize this site for an article or product submission to get benefitted by all.

    Hafeezur Rahman

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    Thank u...this is a very useful information for every one.As a new member I was confused about the point and didnt understand the concept.
    But,now understood to some extent.

    The site is good and the process of gaining points is also simple.

    Thanks & Regards


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    Member rank will be given based on what?

    KInd Regards,

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    Thanks for your information. This thread is more helpful to me because i am new in this site but i am an active member in spiderkerala. i hope that i can earn more from this site.

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    Very useful information indeed for the new members. This is the only site amongst all sister sites like ISC etc, that starts giving me adsense revenue immediately and I get maximum clicks from IRC than other sites, though I have hardly posted or participated discussions. This is going to be a very popular product's reviews portal in near future. So guys, gear up, start posting articles in resources, submit links and enjoy both credits from IRC and revenue share from Adsense.


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