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    Approval Query For Approval Status

    Hi friends,

    I have posted many products/bussiness related data here on 4th July'11

    Still its in Grey colour, which I understand it as Pendingg for approval

    Let me know when it would be approved as I need to go ahead with my other posts also

    Rekha William
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    Let me check your posts, whether they are pending for approval or edited and is in pending. If it is editing and in pending you need to do the needful corrections and resubmit it again. Will give you the reason here after checking them.


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    After reviewing your posts, I have found that you have posted same content for so many different Business places. Please avoid that. Also we have been repeatedly telling our members, do not copy content from any other site, you can refer to any number of sites, but your contributions should be in your own words. This includes even description for products or business posts. You cannot change certain things in product submissions or business posts (like specifications, address etc) we accept only those.

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    I am trying to let people know about a new Laser Centre beign opened in Gujarat

    I want this data to use as a Web Page

    People punching in different keywords should come to his page that is my motto so let me know whether I can post it or not

    This business lies in more than 1 category

    So is it incorrect to post it in their relevant categories

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    Hi, u can mention the key words with which u feel it is searched in bold in a resource and link ur resource to that business post. U cannot post the same business in various categories.

    By the way, is it yours and are you promoting it?


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    Yes it belongs to me, so I promoting it

    We don't have a website at present, so I am trying to utilize this as web page

    This link is also being forwaded to twitter, facebook and other social sites

    I am not hacking it from any site or something

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    Hi Rami,

    Let me also know that if its in pending status that means we need to do editing from our end

    If yes

    Then how can we know what are we suppose to edit

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