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    India Review Channel - The most inactive site of all spider sites.

    Hi Members,
    I had worked on two or three spider site. But every site works well and active. I don't the reason why this site is so inactive. According to my knowledge this site has two webmaster, even it is inactive. If it goes on like this the site becomes dumb without updates. This site contains only 698 resources. I request webmasters kindly to make this website active.

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    Very true , I submitted reviews and product but since it is not reviewed since last 3 weeks. Even last week I raised this is forum also but no one has replied. Since IRC is sister site of ISC , we can very check with webmasters of ISC about IRCs status.
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    Hi Venkat,

    Only for the namesake I am the webmaster here. I had stopped editing or posting in the site, from the first of July.
    I had been doing all the work in this site for about 3-4 months, as the Webmaster Madam was not there. I was given just temporary Webmaster rights to maintain the site as it were, That's all.

    As and when the recognized Webmaster of IRC came back to take over the site I left, leaving the place and the site to her. As long as I was there I was doing my work properly and so please do not include me in your tirade against the WM and the editors .

    So let me make it clear to one and all that I will not be working for IRC in the future. Thanks for all the cooperation you had all given me all this time. I really enjoyed those 4 months at India Review Channel being at the helm of my most favourite site. I can only say that I tried my level best here.

    So Bye Everyone

    Latha Jayaprakash
    India Review Channel

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    Thank you Latha, can you please let us know who will be webmaster and editor for now onwards ?
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    Hi Avi,

    The Webmaster of this site is Rajmi Arun and that everyone knows. She has not been seen for a long time when Tony asked me to take care and maintain the site till he reached and settled down in India.

    I did just that, but in July, Rajmi Arun decided to make a comeback and so I decided to leave. There is nothing else in this.
    You will have to ask the present WM who the editors are, as I don't know anything about it.

    Just because of you I have had to answer in this forum which I have been avoiding all these days. If you have anymore questions to ask please write to my mail id.

    Thanks and Regards

    Latha Jayaprakash
    India Review Channel

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    Thank you Latha. Members must know the delay reason so we have raised this in forum. I appreciate your reply. All the best.
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