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    Discuss: Who is girl...?

    This thread is to discuss the opinion poll topic 'Who is girl...?'.
    A girl is the most beautiful part of gods creation...?
    She starts compromising at a very tender age..?
    She sacrifices her chocolates for her brother & Sisters...?
    And finally her life ends up only by compromising for others happiness...?
    She is that creature of God who no one can compete...?
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    The girl represents even she is an old age of eighty years. Ninety years man will say eighty years lady as girl. Man opposite sex is woman. Boy opposite sex is girl. If the quality full fills any lady has attractiveness she said to be girl by older than her. It could be male or female.

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    A girl is the most beautiful of gods creation.

    she was creature of god

    She sacrifices her life for her brothers & Sisters

    She is that creature of God who no one can complete

    Finally her life ends up only by compromising for others happiness

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    Girl is the most beautiful creation of God.
    She has been sent as blessing on earth.To support the answer,the only quotation is enough "Education to a boy is education to himself but, education to a girl is education to the entire family".
    She can make a home heaven.Its been said that mother's lap is the first school of child who is reason behind success of every person.
    She sacrifice many times for many people like brother,sister, husband etc.But the sad part is that ,she is being humiliated,illtreated and burried alive.In short blessing and grace of GOD is denied and not accepting by the people.

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    All the comments are posted only role of the girl. As a female baby a after three years she is recognized as girl. Later at the eighteenth year she becomes madam or lady. There is no doubt the body of the girl is like a fish. If you compare wish and girl only head would be different. That makes the difference between the beauty of the boy and girl. So one man appearance cannot be compared with anything. But, for a girl at any age she would be like a fish appearance.

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    I dont know whether the girl looks beautiful or not. But I can say surely she looks beautiful to Boys. Even many great scholars are impressed by girls. One said "If the girls are happy the society is happy and if they are not happy the society is not happy". Girls character are completely different from boys. They afraid all time yet they are strong than boys.

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    Hi Venkat,

    You have exactly reached the point

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    Girls are beautiful but they have more than this to be noticed in their lives.
    Girl particularly in Indian scenario have many roles to play right from birth to death.
    She is expected to be perfect at all stages of her life.
    During childhood she is expected to sacrifice her little things to her brother or siblings.
    After childhood it is considered that whole social respect or dignity of family is related to her acts only.
    After getting married she is expected to pay most respect to every one in her family even to younger ones.
    After becoming mother her life goes on around her family only.
    That is the summary of 90% girls of India.
    Actually a Girl is one who always expect no cheat on him, always ready to give you everything she have and in return she expect just your acceptance to her in Family in society.
    Let Girls be at their right place,then our Society will be the most beautiful creation by every one.

    Thank you

    With regards:
    Chitra Rana

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