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    Preparation of examinations

    I asked lot of my friends & teachers about preparation of examinations

    they gave me lot different types of answers. But i got mental tension from they

    because some members gave me answer like more time spend with books and some

    members tell me another that only give important some important questions. tell me

    correct succions of preparation ofexaminations
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    Preparation of examination does not require spending lot of time with books.It just need qualitative reading and understanding with focused and relax mind.Daily ,weekly or monthly brushing a topic for just few minutes or abruptly seeing them also helps a lot.

    Generally we students, prepare just a day before exam or a single night out and complain .

    A simple funda is Qualitative reading than Quantitative reading.

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    There is no short cut to success. This is the first thing you should remember. So you have to study well first of all. But the preparations are different for different types of exams. While studying make small notes and that should not be descriptive make topic brief so that you can remember all points while doing revision with the help of that note. You have to be positive and it is the most important thing you should have for achieving success. Another vital thing is you have to be in good mental and physical condition for the exam.

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    I think Ankita is right there is no short cut to success. And also no need to read books much. Much reading will effect your memory power and your concentration. One of the most important thing all you must know that reading before a day of exam can never successful. if you have to get marks you have to read every day little bit and also you must give important to your mental activities. To keep your mind fresh you have to listen good music and go a walk in the calm street of a village or sleep well. Do not give more important to your books but give your mind. If you interested in reading then only you can read. I suggest you that keep away from your mobile phone at the reading time and make sure that fresh natural air is coming to your reading room and do not take tea or drinks at the reading time. Now you can get success.

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    Nice suggestions have been provided for better preparation of exams.
    Here i would like to add some more tips to performing better and to increase your concentration in studying during exams.
    As mentioned above one has to be physically fit and mentally at peace during preparation of exams or during exams.For this have proper breakfast and proper but certainly not heavy diet and do some exercise or yoga.
    While studying keep following points in your mind:
    1. Prepare environment for studying .
    2. Keep distraction like mobile and music instrument or players far from study place.
    3. Keep all study material you require for studying at one place, so that you may not need to run again and again for this.
    4.While reading mark important points.
    5. Points or topics you found a little tough read them a bit louder or at least in whisper.
    6.Before starting try to set a achievable goal and try your best to achieve that .
    7. maintain a record for how much you have done in particular time or days.
    8. Pay 5 minutes to write diary or write what all you have done today so that will give you your weak points where you could had given more time for your studies.
    9. Try to connect your knowledge to your previous knowledge and to relate with other more friendly things. This will help you to retain this knowledge for longer time.
    10. Take proper breaks and before break have a short recap of al what you have read or learned.

    Thank you

    With regards:
    Chitra Rana

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