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    Let us make some efforts

    Friends whoever log in here, please contribute more and more. Once there will be more matter this site will become more active and we will have more chances of earning. Recommend this site to your friends who are interested in making money or have good knowledge of Indian market and products. We will get more response from our webmaster.
    This site is really easy to submit articles written by your self. You can post about anything like product, reviews, colleges, schools any information you would like to share and which you think will be useful for other members. I am really hoping to have some good members here. Those who were active here, please come back. This site is active again. Those who are new please submit some good content you will be guided further for right format and this will make you to learn and earn some amount.
    I am not the one who earned a lot from here, but surely I learned a lot. Time I spend here is really useful.
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    Yes, Chitra, you are right.
    Thanks & Regards -
    Lakshmi S

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    In order to have some real efforts, I want to ask few of the good topics for this months and that thread(suggesting topics) should appear in top(5) till this month. This will help members to see that there is some update and topics to start/continue with.
    Thank you

    With regards:
    Chitra Rana

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