Whirlpool deluxe RO with MES - Think before buying them

This review is about the water purifier from Whirlpool. Whirlpool is a renowned company where they have provided lot of excellent products to consumers. They are still a great consumer oriented company.

I am already using Refrigerator and washing machine of Whirlpool and am very very happy with them.Hold on. Not all the products. The experience in producing robust water purifiers is amateurish. The product itself is not up to the standard. 'Elixir of Life' - water purifiers need to be made with utmost concern keeping the consumers in mind. May be other consumer products can be managed if they do not work for a day or two. But water essential commodity need / should have been researched more on consumer needs before launching them.

Two things, the maintenance (running cost) of this purifiers (Whirlpool deluxe RO with MES) is huge. Say for a product with around 16K, the maintenance runs to around 4K+/year which is 25% of the product cost. This is absolutely reminding them of quality which they have offered. In 10 months after buying this product, service men have changed pre filters 4 times, 2 times sediment filter and 2 times carbon filter. No surprise, its time for me to change carbon filter again now. The odour which it brings is totally pungent.

At the same time I have started observing the maintenance cost of Eureka Forbes RO purifier which was bought by one of my friend. More on comparison of both Eureka and Whirlpool water purifiers with data will be published soon. Of course this comparison is based on same water which is being used by both purifiers.

Secondly on the service part. Whirlpool's service is outsourced and the service men who attend the purifiers blindly changes filters every time. Though they say every 3 months their service men will peep into to check the product, they will be asked to attend by the consumer once in 1 or 2 months. They are very much concerned in changing the filters. When you say them any problem, their immediate response will be to change the filters. This may be reason for Whirlpool why they cannot know the reason of issues in their water purifiers. It would be great if any of the whirlpool (Strictly whirlpool - no outsourced technician) to attend the consumer once in a year to check the issues and whether the handling of the products is fine by the technicians. This will definitely bring whirlpool more close to consumer. Though initially it will be pain but once these are sorted out, they would come as leading product.

Am going to ask the service men to come and check the my purifier tomorrow. This time I know the result, to change filters. No surprises.

In fact, I am always ready to help them to find the issues in their product if anyone from Whirlpool contacts me or take a study of their machine at home.

Sharavanan S