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    Bought a spy camera on Amazon.Delivery issues, faulty product delivered, refusal of exchange.

    I ordered a spy camera on Amazon. It was scheduled for delivery on a particular date.Amazon p rescheduled it before the time and day mentioned by me in the order. I wasn't available at home at that time and hence I could not receive the order.
    Delivery boy simply refused to deliver it on the day and time mentioned in the order and the time I was available at home.
    After multiple posts on Facebook, product was delivered and it turned out to be faulty.
    Now, I am having issues in returning the faulty camera though it is eligible for return and exchange on Amazon.
    Amazon has disabled self return and return options from the item and the order.Only option they have given me is of getting the item replaced from an address where I do not reside and am not available.They are not even giving me an option of getting the address changed for the return pick up.I have contacted Amazon customer care several times for the same.My money is blocked in the camera and I want to get it replaced from the address where I reside and am available.
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    Generally Amazon will allow the exchange from the address it was delivered. As per your narration they are giving you some address where you are not residing.

    Can you find out the address of the reseller in your invoice from where it is supplied to you. You can make a request directly to them and sometimes to keep the business ethics in mind these people oblige.

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