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    Google AdSense Revenue Sharing FAQ

    Google AdSense Revenue Sharing - Frequently Asked Questions

    What is Google AdSense ?

    AdSense is an advertising system from Google, which allow people to make money from Internet by publishing various content in the websites.

    Who can join AdSense ?

    Anybody who owns or manages a website can join the AdSense.

    I do not have a website. Can I join AdSense program and earn money?

    Yes, you can. You can participate in revenue sharing programs offered by various websites like All you have to do is, post content in various sections of these sites. Even though you do not own a website, you own web pages in these sites by posting content. The pages posted by you will be considered as web pages owned by you and your AdSense account can be used in those pages to earn revenue for you.

    What is AdSense revenue sharing ?

    Google allows selected website owners to associate other AdSense accounts with them and share some of the Ad revenue with the associated members. This program is called 'AdSense Revenue Sharing Program'.

    Is approved by Google ?

    Yes, we are officially approved by Google to offer AdSense revenue sharing program and share a portion of our revenue with the members. This program was officially launched on 22 May 2007.

    Who can create AdSense accounts through and make money ?

    Anybody can create AdSense accounts through us. However, you will start earning revenue only if your registration is approved by both Google and IndiaReviewChannel.

    What is revenue sharing program ?

    You can post content in and we will show AdSense Ads using your associated AdSense account in the pages which contain content posted by you. You will get a share of the revenue from those Ads.

    How much revenue share with me ?

    As per the instructions from Google, we are required to share at least 25% of the revenue from the Ads served using associated accounts. But we will pay you 90% of the revenue to you for a period of 1 year from the date you posted the specific content.

    Who pays the revenue to the member ?

    The payment is made directly by Google to the member, usually in the form of cheque. is not involved in the payment process.

    How long I will earn the revenue ?

    You will earn revenue from each posts for a period of 1 year from the date you posted the content. For example, if you write a product review on 15 November 2007, you will get revenue from that page until 14 November 2008. If you post another article on 25 Dec 2007, you will get revenue from that page until 24 Dec 2008.

    If I post product review, will I continue to get revenue for 1 year ?

    You will get revenue from each of your posts for a period of 1 year, provided:
    • Your post is approved by
    • You continue to login to and contribute some content at least once in a month.
    • Your AdSense account is still valid with Google.

    If I am an approved member, will you pay 90% of the total revenue makes from AdSense ?

    No, we will pay you 90% of the revenue generated from the Ads served using your associated account in your content pages.

    How can I be assured that I will get my share of the revenue ?

    You can track the revenue through the AdSense control panel in or by directly logging into your AdSense account in Google AdSense website We do not store or track this information in our database. The Ad clicks, impressions and revenue are tracked directly by Google and payment is made by Google directly to you. Google will only pay our 10% commission. We can retrieve your earnings information, but cannot make any changes to your earnings data or personal information like Payee name and address.

    Can I click my self on the Ads in my pages ?

    According to the Google AdSense Terms and Conditions, clicking on your own ads for any reason is prohibited. Failure to comply with this policy may lead to your account being disabled. For more information, please visit the AdSense Help Center entry on this topic at

    My friends like to help me to make more money by clicking on my Ads. Is this allowed ?

    Clicks on Google ads must result from genuine user interest. In order to ensure a good experience for users and advertisers, publishers may not request that users click the ads on their sites or rely on deceptive implementation methods to obtain clicks. Please refer to the AdSense Program Policies and for more information about encouraging clicks and what practices to avoid.

    Can I invite my friends to view my web page and click on the Ads in my pages ?

    You are welcome to invite your friends to view your content pages. However, requesting anyone to click is strictly against the policies. Read more about the Google AdSense program policies here

    How do I know if I am approved ?

    After you complete the registration process, you will get an email from Google. You must complete the steps mentioned in the email and Google will verify your application. Once your application is approved by Google, team will review your application and approve it (or, reject). If your application is approved by both Google and, you will automatically start earning revenue for your contributions in

    How do I know my current revenue ?

    After you are approved, you can login to your AdSense control panel in and view your earnings summary. Alternatively, you can login to your account in Google AdSense website and generate detailed reports regarding your AdSense revenue.

    How can I join tis program start earning revenue ?

    You can visit our AdSense section and register for a new account. Click here to register for AdSense revenue sharing program.

    Join AdSense Revenue Sharing Program

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    very good effort taken by webmaster to share this.thank you for your valuable informations.

  • #166
    Information is very useful,especially for one, who dont know about adsence

  • #182
    Yes the information is very good. I think vidya has adsense account and earning good income. I already crossed $100 from google adsense in the month of May,2008 and I am expecting a cheque from Google by July, 2008. I am very thankful to ISC and IRC websites because my google adsense revenue has improved dramatically because of these sites.


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    the information is good but google is not paying money it is disabling our account when it reaches to 100$. i lost 450$ from it upto now [ie] 3 googleaccounts are disabled upto now acc

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    Hi Ravi,

    Check it out with Ram Kumar . He will help you with Google adsense.

    He will also be able to tell you why your adsense account is getting disabled and that too three times.

    You must have done some mistake or the other without knowing what you had done.

    Latha Jayaprakash
    Editor - IRC

    Latha Jayaprakash
    India Review Channel

  • #798
    Hi Ravi,

    If your problem is correct. Then everybody would be interested to know the details. May I know how could you create 3 google accounts. Normally google will accept only 1 adsense account for one IP address. May be that is the reason you have not been paid. First you check up the same and let others also know about the same. So that atleast others will not do the same mistake, which you might have done. OK

    Subba Raju, MV
    Member, IRC

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    Good information, webmaster

    I have joined IRC just 3 to 4 ago and really happy to see that this site provides earning opportunity from Google Adsense and before joining this site I have joined Google adsense since 2 months, somewhat page impressions I have and no earnings till date and own a blog which suits the terms and conditions of Google adsense. Is it that we can put any web site for reference to allow Google to put its ads or what it is which makes me really confusing.

    Please help me out.
    Member, IRC

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    Hi Parthasarathi,

    If you have google adsenser account you can use the same to IRC also and for blogs and knol also the same account. You can earn not only from google adsense but also you can earn cash credits by writing reviews to the products listed in this website.

    Subba Raju, MV
    Member, IRC

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    Hi Partha Sarathi,
    I am Ankush Das, editor of IndiaStudyChannel. To earn more money in Google AdSense, you need to post blogs on interesting and most searched for topics and you need to be very active on the blogging lines. You will get earnings when you have sufficient people visiting your blog. Contribute reviews and resources related to products in IndiaReviewChannel and contribute articles related to educational matter as soon as possible to get good amount of AdSense revenue. It is very easy to earn money but you need to give some time and work hard. So, all the best for your journey ahead.

    Ankush Das
    (Editor, IndiaStudyChannel)

    Ankush Das
    IndiaStudyChannel Senior Editor

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