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What are the benefits for editors

This post explains the benefits enjoyed by editors of this site.

Editor post is a voluntary job with no fixed salary. However, editors enjoy few benefits in this site:

1. Their posts will be labelled with the tag 'Editor' so that others will know they are authentic posts.

2. Editors will have rights to edit, update, delete various posts in this site according to the guidelines.

3. Most members get 1 to 3 year AdSense revenue share. But Editors will get life long AdSense revenue share as long as they continue to be in the Editor role.

4. Editors are paid small remuneration every month based on the number of posts they edit and based on the quality of the job they perform.

5. We may occasionally give bonuses, gifts etc to the editors.

6. Editors will get direct access to the management to discuss various concerns and issues they have.

7. We will discuss various changes in the site and future plans with editors. So, editors are part of the management body. Editors can join our discussion group as well.

8. Editors may request an experience letter from our company. We will be happy to issue you an experience letter which you can use in your job search. You must have worked a minimum of 6 months as an active editor before you can request an experience letter.

Learn how to become an editor in this site.

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