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IFB 656 MTC/E-TRC is a 58 litre cavity sized built-in oven. It comes with 7 cooking programs. The key features are Rotisserie, Turbo heating, Super grill.

Hindware BO10007 Royal Plus 56l

Hindware Royal Plus 56l has 56 litres cavity capacity. This oven has mechanical control with minute minder, Rotisserie and dual adjustable Grill and 8 cooking functions as key features.

Bosch HBN311E2J

Bosch HBN311E2J is a 66 litre cavity sized built-in oven from Serie 2 range of Bosch. This oven comes with 5 multi-function cooking options including 3D hot air cooking. The cavity cleaning system and integral cavity cooling fan are some of the interesting features.

Bosch HBN531E4F

Bosch HBN531E4F built-in oven has 8 cooking functions including 3D Hot Air, Hot Air Grilling, Soft touch key selectors and easy to use control knobs. It also has electronic clock and large 66 litres cavity size.

Siemens HB23AB523K

Siemens HB23AB523K is a built-in oven with 66 litres cavity capacity which comes with exciting features like 3D hotAir Plus, Electronic controls and soft touch switches, Digital LED display etc.

Siemens HB634GBS1

Siemens HB634GBS1 is a 71 litre cavity sized built-in oven part of iQ700 range. This oven has 13 heating methods including 4D Hot air, Hot Air-Eco, Keep-Warm etc. It has TFT full color display and also has many electronic functions like Sabbath function and also has integrated cavity cooling fan.

Siemens HB676G5S1

Siemens HB676G5S1 is a 71 litres cavity sized built-in oven part of their iQ700 range. This oven has 13 heating systems including 4D hot air, Hot Air-Eco, pizza setting among many the features. This oven has electronic controls and also has a electronic clock timer.


FABER FBIO 65L 12F is a built-in oven with rotisserie and double grilling as important features. This model comes with attractive digital display and push-pull knobs with soft push button controls.


FABER FBIO 65L 8F is a 65 litres built-in oven with digital controls with automatic ON program, Digital display and a wide array of other features as well as energy efficient built-in oven.


FABER FBIO 65L 4F is a 65 litre capacity built-in oven with mechanical controls for durability. It has top and bottom heating elements to efficiently cook food items.

KAFF K/OV 60 FT ( Black )

KAFF K/OV 60 FT built-in oven is fully black in color and comes with a rotisserie and grill. The controls are mechanical that looks sturdy and built to last.

Hafele naGOLD Ruhrr 44 Built-in Microwave Oven

Hafele naGOLD Ruhrr 44 is a 45 cm built-in combi microwave oven which has body panels made up of high grade stainless steel and also comes with smart controls, multiple cooking functions and is made to last.

Hafele naGOLD Maria 28 Built-in Microwave Oven

Hafele naGOLD Maria 28 is a 38 cm built-in combi microwave oven made up of high grade sainless steel and comes with mechanical control, multiple cooking functions and intelligent child lock to assure safety, durability and an enhanced cooking experience.

Hafele naGOLD Ribb 70 Built-in Oven

Hafele naGOLD Ribb 70 is a 60cm built-in oven with electronics controls and many features including 11 different types of heating, comes with rotisserie for cooking meat and breads. Find all the information about this built-in oven here.

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