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Product Name: Samsung SA600CB Virus Doctor
Category: Air Conditioners

Samsung SA600CB Virus Doctor Air Conditioner is a revolutionary air pyrifying device from the Cutting edge technology of Samsung. You can keep yourself and your family healthy and safe with the SPi.
This SPi technology helps you to develop the air quality inside the room by eliminating biological contaminants and by neutralizing the OH Radicals which can cause aging and skin diseases.
SPi emits active hydrogen and oxygen ions into the air inhibiting infection by airborne viruses and destroying airborne bacteria, fungi and allergens for a much cleaner, healthier environment.

The ion generator uses micro plasma discharge to generate hydrogen atoms (H) and oxygen ions (O2-).
? Ceramic electrode (+ electrode): Micro plasma discharge splits water molecules in the air and forms positively charged hydrogen atoms (H+)
? Pin electrode (- electrode): High-voltage electric discharge emits electrons and forms hydrogen atoms and negatively charged oxygen ions.
? Hydrogen atoms (H) and oxygen ions (O2-) combine to form hydroperoxyl radicals (HOO-)

Samsung's cutting edge technology has brought the revolutionary air purifying device which can keep you and your family healthy with the SPi.

Additional features

The specifications for the Samsung SA600CB Virus Doctor Air Conditioner are;

Appliable Room Size
Room Size 10 sq m

Main Features
96 x 255mm Net Dimension
Design blue
Air Flow Control Step High / Low

Noise Level (dB)
24 Highnoise Level (dB)
17 Low noise Level (dB)

Operating Mode
Mood lighting
Display soft touch/LED
Energy Saving Mode available

Power Consumption (Watts)
4Watts Hight Power consumption
2.5Watts Low Power consumption

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