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Product Name: Samsung S-Purista AS123BGC (1.0Ton)
Category: Air Conditioners

S-Purista AS123BGC (1.0Ton) 3 STAR is a Split air conditioner from the Samsung Company in India.

S-Purista AS123BGC (1.0Ton) 3 STAR air conditioners are energy efficient and stylish and are empowered with the technology to ensure air that comforts and cares. They are also available in a variety of colours and designs to complement the ultra modern interiors of your home.
The special features of this split air conditioner are stabilizer free operations, d'light cool, Full HD Filter Bio sleep, Smart Saver, turbo cooling, S-UTR Plus Compressor, Quiet Mode, Dehumidification, anti bacteria coating, Wide air flow blade, 4 step fan speed, 24 hour timer, 24 hour timer, auto restart and auto clean.

D light Cool first measures the humidity and the temperature, calculates the temperature needed to reach the comfort index and adjusts the temperature as well as humidity till the comfoort index is reached. There is no wasteful cooling as the machine accurately measures the ideal comfort index.
Anti bacerial Coating is there in the filter so the filetr does not get worn down or get rusty by water. You can also clean the filter just by washing it with clean water.
With the HD filter you can always keep your room clean and tidy as the filter offers improved filtration by removing even the smallest microscopic dust particle and changes in to clean air.
The Samsung's air conditioner operates in a maximum speed in Turbo cooling mode to quickly reaches the temperature. You can instantly cool down your rom with the turbo cooling technology.
Biosleep mode ensures that you get a good sleep by setting the best temperature for a deep sleep.Helps you ease in to a deep sleep, relaxes during your deep sleep and allows you to wake up comfortably and refreshed.

Additional features

Technical Specifications of Samsung S-Purista AS123BGC (1.0Ton)

Energy Efficiency
2.85 W/W Cooling EER

890 x 210 x 285mm Net Dimension

Electrical Data230V/50Hz/1 Power Source
1,300Watts Power Consumption(Cooling)
6.0 Current Cooling Operating(A)

Operating Mode/b>
Turbo Mode available
Dehumidification available

9.9kg Indoor Net Weight
29kg Outdoor Net Weight

Remote Controller
Auto Restart

3,7kW Cooling Capacity
1.5 l/hr Moisture Removal
11.5 Air Circulation(Max, ?/min)
37/27 dB Noise Level(Indoor High/Low)
50 dB Noise Level(Outdoor High)

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