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Additional features

Shilajit Gold is a unique combination of Shilajit, Gold, Kesar and
other important herbs like Ashwagandha, Kaunch Beej and Safed
Mushali. Shilajit Gold is a powerful sex stimulant, which improves sexual
health and acts as a rejuvenator to increase stamina, vigour and vitality.


- Shilajit
- Swarna Bhasma
- Kesar
- Kaunch beej
- Gokhshru
- Ashwagandha
- Lavanga
- Safed Mushali
- Jaiphal, Akarkara
- Barahikand
- Bedarikand
- Yashada bhasma
- Dalchini
- Kapoor
- Rajat Bhasma
- Nutmeg oil


The main ingredients of Shilajit Gold and their actions are as follows:
Shilajit: brings about balanced and harmonious health. It acts as a restorative tonic, slowing down wear and tear of body tissues, which in turn delays ageing. Shilajit increases the vigour and vitality.
Gold or Swarna Bhasma: increases strength, improves sexual vigour and vitality.
Kesar or Saffron: is a stimulant, aphrodisiac and a nervine tonic. It also possesses anti fatigue property.
Ashwagandha: Possesses rejuvenating and aphrodisiac properties.
Alkushi or Kaunch Beej: possesses aphrodisiac property, is helpful in spermatorrhea and improves sexual health.
Safed Mushali: is a well-known sexual nutritive tonic and is often given with milk along with other ingredients in cases of seminal weakness and impotence.

Available in

Shilajit Gold is available in a blister of 10 capsules. A single pack or monocarton contains 1 blister of 10 capsules and a multicarton contains 6 such monocartons or 60 capsules.

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