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Even though there are plenty of devices available to backup data, portable hard disks remain the best medium for backup purpose. There are a number of companies like Seagate, WDElements, Lenovo, Toshiba, Sony, Saco etc, making reliable external hard disks. Find the most popular external hard disks available in the Indian market.

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Best external disks to buy in India: Read reviews

Before you go ahead with your selection, read our expert reviews on the popular models and make an informed decision. More than the price of the device, your data is a lot more valuable. So, don't compromise on the quality of the hard disks.

Over the past few years, external hard disks have evolved to small devices that can carry a huge volume of data. The capacity of sleek sized external harddisks varies from 1 TB to 6TB. Most popular external hard disks are 1 TB and 2 TB size, which are the best value for money gadgets.

If you are planning to buy an external hard disk, read our expert reviews. We have done hands-on review of several external hard disks in our review centre. Also, we have collected reviews from several other sources, including Amazon reviews.