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Product Name: Nutrilite Protein Powder 200g
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Price: Rs 779

Nutrilite Protein Powder 200g

Nutrilite Protein is a ‘complete protein' which provides balanced amounts of essential and non-essential amino acids vital for maintenance and rebuilding of cells and tissues. It has a high protein content of 80% and provides a balanced supply of all nine essential amino acids. It also provides the added benefits of naturally occurring soy isoflavones, calcium and iron.

The Protein for everyone.

Provides at least 8gm of protein per 10 gram serving.
Combination of high quality protein isolated from soy & milk
Contains only 0.3gm/serve fat
Has a BV = 81% and PER = 2.5
Is neutral tasting
Contains Lactalbumin and Methionine derived from Milk Whey
Is stable under high temperatures
Contains Soy Lecithin
Contains Soy Isoflavones
Does not contain artificial sweeteners, colours or preservatives.

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Nutrilite Protein Powder 200g reviews

Nutrilite Protien Powder 200g

Review By: RK

Promised Effect:
Ease of Use:
Value for Money:
Good: Protien Rich product
Bad: The price of the product

Amway Nutrilite Protien powder has high quality protien called soy protien. Each 10 gm of Nutrilite Protien powder gives 8g of protien. Protien is one the most important components in the human body and it is needed daily to maintain good health.

As the human body cannot store protien easily, the supplementary diet like nutrilite in our daily diet helps to maintain good health. The tin pack comes in 200g, priced at Rs.779/-. To purchase this nutrilite one has to be a distribtor of Amway or should ...


its good and writh product

Review By: srenik kumar jain

Promised Effect:
Ease of Use:
Value for Money:
Bad: price

when compare to price the product id not worth ,the same product of other companies are available at lower price ,when quality is same every is same that to you get at lower price ,who need move these

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