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M.V. Hospital for Diabetes situated at Royapuram, Chennai, was established by late Prof. M. Viswanathan, Doyen of Diabetology in India, in 1954 as a general hospital. In 1971 it became a hospital exclusively for diabetes care.

The hospital has several unique features. The departments of the hospital include OPD, a sophisticated high technology diagnostic laboratory, facilities for major emergency and elective surgery, department s for early diagnosis of Diabetic Kidney and Eye disease, Doppler studies and Biothesiometry studies for early diagnosis of Diabetic Foot complications department of Imaging, treadmill Stress testing for the diagnosis of Ischemic heart disease and establishing the prognosis, foot wear department and a modern ICU & Casualty Department.

The staffing pattern of the institution includes diabetologists, physicians, surgeons and various other members of the diabetes health care team including highly qualified dietitians, specialist nurses and assistants specially trained as diabetes health educators.
Patient Educators (Patient Education Procedures)

1. Patient Diabetic group education
2. Self-Monitoring Blood Glucometer device demonstration
3. Self-Monitoring Blood Glucometer Motivation
4. Self-injection of Insulin teaching/review
5. Demonstration of Insulin delivery devices
6. IDDM Registry
7. Special education
8. Attending community camps of M.V.H.
9. Data collection for research projects
10. Maintaining Registers & Records

Patient Counsellers and Clincial Psychologist

1. IDDM Counselling
2. Life Style Modification
3. Smoking Counselling
4. Obesity Counselling
5. Psychological Counselling
6. IDDM review Counselling
7. Alcohol Counselling
8. Tobacco Counselling
9. Adherence Counselling


Phone Number:
Map Link: (map not found.)
Fax Number+91-44 2595 4919
Phone Number25954913/15, 6561 2288, 6561 2299
Address4, West Mada Church Street, Royapuram, Chennai 600 013 Tamil Nadu, India.
Contact ID[email protected]
SpecialityDiabetic Research Centre
Contact Person for Appointment[email protected]
Website (if any)www.mvdiabetes.com

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