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Product Name: Nature's Glycolic Anti Marks Facial Kit
Category: Personal care

Nature's Glycolic Anti Marks Facial Kit

Ideal for fine lines, surface scars.

Resage (Cleansing Gel)

Developed with the blend of green apple and fruit peel extracts, it cleanses and peels the dead epidermal layers. 2-3 min of hot facial steam, if given enhances the effect of the products.

N.Peel (Glycolic Peel)

A mixture of rice bran, sugarcane juice and raw potato extract, this thick serum peel, when rubbed gently on the marks or scar effected area, lightens the dark area and helps to make the skin surface smooth.

AHA (Serum)

This specially developed Alphs Hydroxy Acid serum; lightens the dark marks and spots on the skin. The acidic nature peets the epidermal layer's of its dead cells.

Nature's Mark Care (Anti-marks Cream)

A mixture of clay, milk cream, oats and turmeric, it helps to lighten the skin marks and scars making the surface smooth. It improves the skin tone and gives clean and clear look to the epidermal layer.

Green Tea Pack (Anti-marks Mask)

This face powder mask when mixed with luke warm water, helps to reduce the patches or deposits from the skin surface. Acne Mark, Scars etc gets lightened as the gum resins and green tea extracts balances the pigment area and milk lightens the marks.
How to use:

Resage (Cleansing Gel)
Apply the gel get on the effected areas, give facial steam if necessary ss, leave for 2-3 minutes, then massage with soft hands and clean.

N.Peel (Glycolic Peel)
Mix the serum peel powder with honey and AHA Serum rub gently on the effected area for 3-4 minutes. Use at least twice a week for good results.

AHA (Serum)
AHA Serum is to be used only with Serum Peel Powder.

Nature's Mark Care (Anti-marks Cream)
Gently massage the cream for 10-15 min till its is completely absorbed. Use heat therapy for better results.

Green Tea Pack (Anti-marks Mask) :
Take two spoonful powdered mask and mix with luke warm water. Make a paste and apply all over the face, leaving eye and nose area. Leave for 10-15 min, when it is semi dry & then rub with finger tips to clean.

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