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Product Name: Godrej-GFE 28 D
Category: Refrigerators
Price: Rs 18210

Godrej-GFE 28 D

This 263 litres 2 door refrigerator has 63 litres freezer capacity and is frost free. It has a clean back with 9 shelves and boxes which are adjustable. It has other facilities like moisture and humidity control and polybag suspenders to hang polybags of peas and chicken in the freezer. The petal shaped ice trays in the freezer slide under the shelf giving extra storage space. It has specially designed vents in the freezer for better air flow and uniform cooling and deodourizer.

Capacity (Lts)
Height (mm)
Width (mm)
Number of Doors
Freezer Capacity (litres)
Door Lock
Adjustable Shelves
Moisture and Humidity Control
Colours available
Environment Friendly
Defrost system frost free
Health Guard
Price RangeLess than Rs 10000
Cooling TechnologyMulti air flow
Ease of Use
Style & Design:
Model NameGodrej-GFE 28 D

Additional features

Gross Capacity (Litres) 263
Net Capacity (Litres) 263
Refrigerator Capacity (Litres) 200
Freezer Capacity (Litres) 63
Defrosting System What it means?
The defrosting system eliminates the build-up of ice (frost) in the refrigerator and freezer.
How it works?
Too much ice formation reduces the storage space available in a refrigerator and also reduces its cooling efficiency. All refrigerators need regular defrosting. There are four types of defrosting mechanisms: (1) Automatic, (2) Semi-Automatic, (3) Cyclical and (4) Frost-free. Semi-automatic refrigerators are defrosted by manually pushing a button to begin the defrost cycle. Once the button is pushed, the defrosting is done automatically. Automatic mechanisms defrost the fresh-food compartment automatically, but the freezer still has to be defrosted manually. In cyclical defrosting, the defrosting function is activated every 8 hours by a timer. The defrosting cycle lasts 20 minutes and the frost evaporates automatically. Frost-free refrigerators have an in-built thermostat, heater and a timer that activates the defrost cycle every 2 hours. The cooling coils are located outside the storage area. This feature ensures higher cooling efficiency. Some higher-end machines have sensor instead of a timer, which defrosts automatically and is the best defrosting system. The heater melts any accumulated ice and the water is drained away before the system starts to cool again.
Most new refrigerators are frost free as they save time and effort but they do tend to be more expensive. Frost Free
Air Flow Type Multi Air Flow
Insulation PUF
Clean Back
Temperature Control Dial
Number of Doors 2
Type Of Door Double Door

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