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Product Name: HONDA ETERNO
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HONDA ETERNO — has been derived from the word Eternal. It truly depicts the key strength of HONDA ETERNO, that with its reliable technology & superior parts, it keeps going on & on & on, in the harshest road of all life.

Bore X Stroke
Compression ratio
Maximum Speed
Kerb Weight
Maximum Torque10.63 Nm @ 4000 rpm
Wheel Base1247 mm
Displacement147.7 cc
Ground Clearance161 mm
Length x Width x Heigh1810 x 716 x 1132 mm
Head Lamp35/ 35 W
Price M.R.P38,000
Engine4-Stroke, Single Cylinder, Air Cooled
Fuel Tank Capacity4.5 litres
Maximum Power6.0 KW (8.2 bhp) @ 6000 rpm
Available ColoursBlack, silver beige Metallic, Plasma Silver Metallic, Geny Grey Metallic
Front SuspensionBottom Link, Spring Loaded Hydraulic Damper
Front BrakeDRUM, 130 mm DIA
Rear BrakeDRUM, 130 mm DIA
Rear SuspensionUnit Swing, Spring Loaded Hydraulic Damper
ClutchWet Multiplate
Gear System
Maximum Speed

Additional features

4-Stroke, 150cc Engine
HONDA ETERNO's 4-stroke engine gives a mileage of 60 kmpl under actual riding conditions as per Honda Mode, even with multiple riding. This makes it the top in this class. Thanks to host of Honda's cutting edge technologies.

How to achieve Good Fuel Efficiency and Save on Petrol Expenses
1. Right gear selection at the beginning of best operational speed range improves fuel efficiency & saves petrol expenses.

2. Sudden (rapid) acceleration affects fuel efficiency adversely. Acceleration gradually in best operational speed range will give good mileage result.

Compact, Light, Wheel-Side Engine
By employing a wheel-side design, that packs engine & drive system into one unit, we are able to make HONDA ETERNO's engine compact & light & had brought more direct & efficient power transmission.

Aerodynamic Body
HONDA ETERNO's tough, masculine looking body also brings an excellent aerodynamic performance. HONDA ETERNO recorded 20% less air resistance than other in this class. So, even the body styling itself contributes to the superb fuel efficiency of HONDA ETERNO.

Maximum Riding Comfort

Natural Riding Position
The HONDA ETERNO's excellent acceleration enables it to smoothly negotiate the flow of traffic. Its better handle position, flat footboard & long comfortable seat reduce tiredness by giving rider a more natural riding position.

Excellent Weight Balance
HONDA ETERNO's total design approach achieves an excellent weight balance reducing riding fatigue. It is designed to be more stable with optimisation of weight balance & as a result there are no tail swings even on sudden braking.

Dual Spring Suspension
Honda Eterno's DUAL SPRING SUSPENSION technology along with a strong metal body gives a comfortable and hassle free ride. The upper spring absorbs heavy shocks over speed breakers while the lower spring absorbs light shocks, thus ensuring comfort regardless of it is a ride alone or with the family.

Easy-to-Operate One-Direction Gear System
The HONDA ETERNO has a new one-direction gear system, like a motorcycle, that makes it easier to locate the neutral & reduces stress on the wrist while changing gears.

Easy-to-Operate Neutral Lock (Patent Applied)
The HONDA ETERNO also comes with a neutral lock that prevents the scooter from accidental jumping while starting.

High Ground Clearance
HONDA ETERNO has the highest ground clearance among FSCs measuring 161 mm and the seat top height of 805 mm from the ground. It allows the rider to drive on bad roads with less concern. The low enough seat height enables the rider to easily put his feet securely on ground. This all combine, HONDA ETERNO delivers superb driving performance.

Minimum Turning Radius
A larger handlebar turning angle has enabled the HONDA ETERNO to achieve a minimum turning radius of just 1,800mm. This makes HONDA ETERNO very easy to handle despite its large, masculine body.

Extra Loading Capacity

Under Bone Frame
The HONDA ETERNO comes with loads of space. Thanks to the newly designed under bone pipe frame & the compact engine to make it possible to create a spacious under seat luggage box.

Spacious Flat Board
HONDA ETERNO's pipe frame body obsolete the centre tunnel requirement as in other scooters in the same segment. The result is a flat footboard with unprecedented space.

Under Seat Luggage Box
Spacious enough to store a full size helmet, enough room even to store two normal large-size lunch boxes.

Long Seat With Superb Loading Capacity
The long seat is big enough to provide ample space for the rider to maintain a comfortable riding position even when the rear part of the seat is used for carrying items.

Rope Hooks
Rope hooks are provided on the spare tyre bracket.

Grab Rails
Grab Rails on both the sides are provided not only for the convenience of a pillion rider but they can also be used for securing the load with a rope.

Bag Hook
A bag hook is provided just below the front end of the seat. Its high positioning from the footboard allows users to hang bags of variety of sizes.

Easier Maintenance

CLIC - Convenient LIFT Up Independent Cover

1.Repair and maintenance can be carried out in simpler manner because the rear body cover can be opened/shut or removed following simple steps.

2. Inspection, cleaning, or replacement of spark plugs only takes a few minutes. Oil check and top-up can be done in a couple of minutes since they do not require the rear body cover to be lifted up.

3. The waiting time for repair and maintenance at Honda authorized dealers also becomes much shorter because the work can be completed faster.

Side Protector
The side protector and kick pedal touch the ground first when the body is tilted to the side, preventing the body from being scratched or dented.

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