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Product Name: Ocean Park, Hyderabad
Category: Theme Park

Ocean Park, Hyderabad

This is a water park at Gandhipet in Hyderabad, Andhrapradesh.

Experience the sensation of being buffted by ocean waves in a pool !The WAVE POOL gives an amazing simulation of ocean waves. Just let the waves lap your feet or float on a raft.

Pack in big time exitement. Try the fun of our water slides AQUA GLIDE, AQUA TRAIL,CRAZY CRUISE or ZIP ZAP ZOOM where you race down at an incredible speed to land safely into the water.

Experience the excitement of sliding down at an exilarating speed, without getting wet from the water. The AQUA SNAKE allows you to do just this while sitting in an enclosed raft which takes several curves and sheer drops. No need to change clothes

Ocean Park delivers fun in all sizes. For little funseekers, We offer a whale of a time at the KIDS POOL. a safe but fun children's play ground with a pool depth of less than 2 feet, there's lots to keep them laughing with glee while they soak up the sunshine and fun.
For little fun seekers, We offer a whale of time at the KIDS POOL - with kiddie rides like Mushroom Umbrella, Wide Slide, Tube Slide,Water Screen, Floating Bridge,Duck Jets, Tilting Bucket, Floating Bridge, Corrugated Umbrella and many more.
Watch them drench them selves under Water jets and make friends with the gay play Animals in the pool.

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City: Hyderabad
Pincode: 635601
Phone Number: +91 40 23223824, 23225660.92333335,92333336
Email: [email protected]
Website: www.oceanparkindia.com
Map Link: (map not found.)
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