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Tawang Monastery was founded by Merak Lama Lodre Gyatso in 1680-1681, in the small town of Tawang located in the state of Arunachal Pradesh in India. The Tawang Monastery is in association with Drepung Moanstery in Lhasa and belongs to the Gelugpa school. Drepung Monastery is one of the three Gelukpa university monasteries of Tibet. This Tawang Monastery is located very close to the Tibetan border in the valley of Tawang chu which flows in to India from across the Tibetan borders.

Tawang Monastery is placed at an elevation of 3300 meters and had a capacity for 700 monks. This is one of the biggest Buddhist Monasteries and has about 450 monks staying there.
There is a three storeyed Parkhang library, where in, there is a collection of 400 year old Kangyur scriptures. Other than these there are many other invaluable manuscripts like Sutras, Tangym, Singbhum, old books and other manuscripts written by hand or printed, and that too, many of them in Gold. There is also a printing press in the monastery.

The most beautiful or the fascinating part is Dukhang or the assembly hall, which is a 3 storeyed temple with the 8.3 meters high statue of Golden Buddha. There is a wall to the north of the altar where you can find a silver casket wrapped in silk containing the Thankas of Goddess Dri Devi, who is considered as the principal deity of the monastery. 5th Dalai Lama gave the Thankas to Merak Lama and is known as the Ja-Droi-Ma, meaning the warmth of a bird.

There is a Center for Buddhist Cultural Studies at the Tawang Monastery, where young monks are taught arithmetic, English and Hindi along with their traditional monastic education.

There are 65 residential buildings in the 3 storeyed Tawang Monastery. The Monastery controls 17 gomphas and a few nunneries. It was renovated in 1997 by the 14th Dalailama and at present, Gyalsey Rinpochey, a famous incarnation of the Loseling College of Drepung Monastery, and incarnate head of Tawang, lives and teaches at Tawang. This Tawang Monastery has also be desinated as the Manuscript convention center under the National Mission for Manuscripts which was established in 2003.


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The Tawang Monastery is located in Tawang in Arunachal Pradesh. The nearest airport is Tezpur in Assam. Indian airlines, Jet airways and Sahara airlines operate flights to Tezpur from Guwahati.
Bomdila is the nearest bus stand and is well connecte with other cities and towns in the nearby states in the north eastern parts of India.

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