Hybrid Vehicles

Hybrid vehicles are more in talks these days. People opt of these vehicles as they pollute the environment less and provide better mileage. These vehicles are available in various makes and models today. Here I have mentioned few of them along with their additional information on hybrid vehicles.

A hybrid vehicle can be mentioned as a vehicle, which uses a couple of power sources to move. Hybrid vehicles are also known as hybrid electric vehicles OR HEVs.

These HEVs move on two power sources, namely the internal combustion and one electric motor. There can be various power sources used to move these hybrid vehicles, namely wind, electricity, compressed air, Hydrogen, petrol, diesel and some solid combustibles like wood or coal.

Few other power sources are the internal combustion engine and the electromagnetic fields. It is said that these hybrid cars give a better mileage and also pollute the environment in a lesser percentage.

There are lots of these cars available in the market today, like the Toyota Prius, which is said to be designed for ultra low emissions and fuel efficiency. That means less pollution. One more hybrid car model is the Honda Insight, which basically can be termed as Mild Parallel Hybrid.

Mild Parallel hybrids are those types that mostly have an electric motor which is compact and hence provides an extra output in terms of acceleration. Few other models of these types are Honda Civic Hybrid, Mercedes Benz S400 Blue Hybrid and BMW7-Series hybrid.

The Parallel Hybrid are those types, in which both the electric motor as well as the internal combustion engine are installed together to provide power to the vehicle. One example of this make is the Honda Insight.

Then there is the Power-Split-Series-Parallel Hybrid, in which, generally there are two motors, i.e. an electric motor and an internal combustion engine. Here the electric motor acts as a generator used to charge batteries. Best example of this series is Toyota Prius, the Ford Escape, the Lexus GS450 and the LS600.

Many people opt for used hybrid cars other than brand new ones. There are few things one needs to consider regarding buying a used hybrid car. It is very important to know whether it provides a better mileage. The other point to consider is to consult the dealer before buying any hybrid car.

One should check the odometer as well as the mileage gauge of the used hybrid vehicle. Apart from that one needs to pay some special attention to the battery of this used vehicle. If the warranty is expired for this battery, then the replacement can be very expensive. One can also get a good deal as many hybrid vehicle owners try and sell their cars due to increasing demand for them.

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